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Going to dinner w/ all the people I work with after the vocab rally today. Weeeheehee. I need to remember to bring a camera this time =\

Going to Festival on the Green on Saturday =D Beethoven Beethoven Beethoven. My brother's music teacher got us tickets--he's in Cal Phil along w/ my flute teacher. It should be interesting.

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Oh yes I forgot to mention...I PARALLEL PARKED and I didn't hit any cars!

Of course it took me forever and a day to the point where SD Girl was going to make a panic call--but just as she finished dialing I got in the space right up against the curb.

K you must help me =\

OH. Guess what. I HATE STUPID PEOPLE. Erm. Maybe I'm just being irritable. I was at Starbucks and there were these two skoochie (a Cal word =D) looking women (one had a daughter who looked like she was like nine or something) who kept saying the stupidest things and held up the line for ten freakin' minutes saying things like " was like a smoothie thing. Oh no had ice cubes. Didn't it have ice cubes? Yah it had the cubes...what drinks have the cubes? I think it had the cubes..." Evidently they were trying to figure out what kind of drink they had gotten some other time and they couldn't seem to remember a single thing about it. Except that it was cold. And it was either a smoothie-ish thing (i.e. a frapp) or it had ice cubes. In other words: it was cold. So the woman at the register was getting quite frustrated yet was trying to work with them patiently and one of the baristas was standing there with this doofy smile. I swear he was about to crack up. But yeah, he took my order and started on my drink while the cashier was trying to figure out what the women wanted so that was cool. GAH I hate stupid people.

Hm. I know I'm being a big hypocrite but yeah. They just really bothered me. Well it was kind of funny but at the same time it was annoying. Yeah.

I've discovered one television weakness: Sex and the City. And since I don't have cable and I can't seem to find/download anything--I've resorted to buying the DVDs. Oh dear oh dear...

DON'T LET THINGS PASS YOU BY, enjoy the moment. enjoy the energy, it's only for one moment in time, after that, a new day starts. but before that new days begins, let go of yourself, and take charge. take charge of happiness, don't let shit bother you. because when you look back as i've done many times, i wish i'd enjoyed things more. take charge of what you want. just take charge. who cares about who's around you, who cares what you're wearing, it's your life. just go for it. go for the gold. and if you don't get it, try for silver, and if you don't get that, try for bronze, and if you don't get that, go for imitation gold. at least be proud that you went for something.
Leahcimar writes some kickass quality ish. And lots of it.

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My second trip to the Claremont Colleges as a chaperone (the first time was last year). This year I did Harvey Mudd. Very techie and geeky. I kind of liked it actually. There was a father and son that latched onto our tour group and for some reason he kept asking me questions about the school even though I had already told him that I wasn't a student there and that I was just watching the kiddies to make sure they didn't do anything stupid. Eh, whatever. Harvey Mudd--good school. Yale Guy had taken the Scripps tour group despite--or maybe because--it was an all-girls school. Haha...yeah anyway. It happened last year too. Our only guy took the Scripps group. Go fig.

Got to see K yesterday. He finally gave me directions to his place so I could make the trip. It's a lot easier driving in his area than mine.

I hate the 10 freeway.

My bag gives me red marks on my shoulders. They don't hurt or anything but they don't go away for a couple of days. Strange.


(link) Midori | 0 comments | 6:33 PM

bloop. what's going on here, it's been a few days and you haven't posted. lol

(link) irv | 0 comments | 9:11 AM

Got together with my fellow section leaders to put together our (P)SAT survival packs and pick up some last minute rewards for the kiddies. Went to Cal Girl's house to put the packs together after SD Girl, Yale Guy and I made some trips to Dollar Tree, Baskin's, and Tea Zone (formerly Lollicup). We included Vis-Ed cards (*sigh*...memories) in each pack. We went through them and picked out our favorite vocab words to keep for ourselves. How nerdy is that?

Speaking of vocab, here's some Cal Girl lingo...

Butt-crazy: Never heard that phrase before, but Cal Girl used it today. She was talking about being butt-crazy over guys that don't like her. Or something like that. Awww....

Skoochie: Hybrid word--a cross between skank and hoochie. I'm sure I'll make good use of that one.

I need to download that Nelly song...It's getting hot in take off all your clothes. It's become the unofficial theme song of the PSAT program. Of course, we didn't tell that to the kiddies. Yale Guy adds an interesting twist to the song...I am getting so hot...why don't you take your clothes off?
Yale Guy: My sister freaks out when I sing that to her.

SD Girl: Well gee, I wonder why...!

We played Smash Brothers (not Mario Party like we did last year) after we were done working on the packs. I suck at video games. Oh well.

K drove here last night and we did a lot of nothing as usual. Was all good. I almost ran a red =X Apes and Sar: Sorry about all the phone calls but the reception just went totally...gone =\ Arrrrr

Yale Guy: [insert name here] lives right there

Me: Eeeeewwwww

Yale Guy: Wasn't he stalking you or something?

Me: Well sort of, for a short while. He called me dear and everything.

Yale Guy: Eeeewww....that makes me wanna fart.

I'm smashing up my baby bumblebee....

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 6:58 PM

Aahhhh...back from a hard day at work. Shopping at the 99 cent only store, office depot (Yale Guy likes office supplies just like XL) and the grocery store. The Pho King took us to get--what else?--pho. The guy that took our order didn't speak any english. It's either that or he was being extremely difficult. You'd think that with all the blank stares he was getting at our table, he'd know to switch over to english if he did indeed know english. Oh well, whatever. We were just lucky that Cal Girl speaks mandarin.

Went to Lollicup afterward where I got a peach slush sans tapioca. The best. The menu there was interesting. Pork chop noodels, cappuccino topioca, tai tea and buble tea. Faskinating.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 5:47 PM

A kooky dream, okonomiyaki, Kate and Leopold, and getting pulled over (biting off of Leah's flashbacks)

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 11:32 AM

Weeeehaaaa I'm so proud of the kiddies. Actually I'm more proud of myself.

Or maybe I'm just relieved.

I just finished scoring the final tests that we gave them--a sample PSAT with a scale and everything. The average index score for my group A went from 151 to 166 *whew* I actually had one girl get a 195!!! Do you have any idea how feekin good that is?!? =) (= She deserved it though. She's a good girl who didn't give me headaches.

Anyhow I'm just here being happy. I get group B's tests tomorrow. Crossing my fingers and hoping they're decent.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 2:18 AM

Went to the courts with my brother. Used up a lot of energy laughing. He's great; he does all these poses and dances in the middle of the court. It's a riot. Even though he did hit me about three times.

I really need to shower.

Tried playing my flute a little while ago. My right hand no longer has a grip and I can't hold the keys down tight enough, so the notes don't all come out quite right.

Going to go shower. Fiiillllthhhhyyyy.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 11:10 PM

Oh yes check out the right panel of Leahcimar's blog. That was something that made me laugh.

Oh yes I think we're actually going to make it to the Getty! *feeling rather giddy* I rather miss LACMA.


(link) Midori | 0 comments | 12:12 PM

Something that makes me laugh randomly: The mental image of Yale Guy doing his head-spinny thingie with his sister against the wall in a doctors waiting room.
Receptionist: Are those your kids?

Yale Guy's Dad: No.

Something else that sometimes makes me laugh randomly: Mr. Potato head...and his bucket of farts...underwear for everyone! I dunno. Me used to sing that at random intervals, and I thought it was a riot (I was ten, okay?) I just remembered that a week ago or so and it became funny all over again. It really makes no sense at all.

Something that used to make me laugh randomly: The mental image of me running into the wall after tripping on the floor. After getting over my initial embarassment I realized how ridiculous I must have looked and wished I could have seen it happen.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 12:04 PM

Ms. B: These kids you know they love to play with my paperclips--always bending them out of shape and pulling them apart.

Me: Either that or they hook them together, right?

Ms B.: That's right. And when I go for a paperclip when I'm in a rush I wind up pulling out a whole bunch of them and it's like oh my god...these kids can't keep their hands still you know they have to be playing with something.

Dr. M: Well better they play with paperclips than some other things that they could be playing with.

Ms. B, Dr. M and I start laughing. SD Girl kind of looks at us and Cal Girl is eating.

Ms B.: Oh yes there was this one male teacher you know...he was teaching freshman at the time. So these ninth graders...he told me that he would have to take all the boys out of the classroom at least once a day to tell them you don't do stuff like that in class!

Cal Girl: Wait...what are we talking about again...?

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Scanned this page for my favorite asian drinks (peach water, sparkling peach water, and kirin miruku koo-hiiiiiiii) and was very happy to discover their absence.

While we're on the subject of asian kookiness here's my favorite kooky asian link of all (yes I do realize I've posted it many many times so sue me I like it)

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 7:50 PM

Good day at work today. Collaborating with Yale Guy is always fun. Underwear for everyone.

For all of you going for the buff/built look it is best to stay celibate in every which way. That's right, no more cleaning the pipes and no more downloading porn. Gotta keep those testosterone levels up, y'know.

Anyhow, Yale Guy was telling me about some girl who's going to be entring Yale as a first year next year that his aunt wants to fix him up with. Okay--Yale Guy has a girlfriend. He told this girl that. Her response? "I'm sure I can make you forget about her." WTF?! Black widow yo. Girls like that need to be watched at all times.

Had an interesting pictionary face-off with Yale Guy's class. My class decided that I would be their mascot. Turns out they liked the whole "Team FU" thing that I had last year when I was facing off with Stanford Guy.

Yadda. Nice day today. Air conditioning in the classrooms was up and running again. The kiddies seemed much happier. Thought I'd be tired today considering I didn't fall asleep until four something after waking up before three, but I feel pretty good right now.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 7:26 PM

Accidentally fell asleep and woke up twenty minutes ago. Now I can't sleep. Dammit.

Having mixed feelings right now. Thinking too much.

I can't sleep.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 3:18 AM

After taking inventory of the crap on my desk I realized that I had half a spanish dictionary lined up with my other paperbacks. Good lordage. I have no idea where the other half is.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 5:55 PM

Today I am in the mood for some good quality culture.


I was looking at Leah and Sar's journal thingers and *rawr* now I want to go to the Hollywood Bowl for some good concert-ing. I think they're playing the Italian Symphony some night...=( Good stuff. Leah, tell me if you get reservations for the Getty. You know, I actually liked Ms. B's trips to LACMA and all the art history lecture things we got in English. The mystery artist stuff wasn't so bad either.

Which reminds me, I finally (sort of) saw Moulin Rouge over at K's yesterday. Toulouse Lautrec was in it yo. There was this guy who was really short and I was like "what the heck..." and then they said the name "Toulouse" and the short guy responded and I was like whoaaaaa. The cool thing was that during the first minute of the movie I was thinking "Whoa the ambiance of this movie makes me think of a Lautrec painting." HA. So I was paying attention in class despite the fact that my eyes were swollen and aching and I was running on three hours of sleep. So there.

K took me to XL's apartment at Park West last night. She was quite bug-bitten, which was slightly disturbing since I'm going to be living at Park West in a month or two and insects seem to find me quite tasty. Eesh. Anyhow, yes, I must go furniture shopping and such sometime soon.

Mmm....Hollywood bowl on a summer night. I went once the summer before freshman year. Grrr. Anyway.

Randomness today. I must clean.

Oh yes, went to a Dodger game on Friday. Much like Dr. M's esposa I spent most of the time eating. We lost.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 3:44 PM

Looking at: the monitor and the teeny spider that's dangling about a foot away from my face.

Listening to: Scheherazade by Rimsky-Korsakov on channel 24.

Happy that: I finally learned when to use the word whom (sort of).

Missing: My friends, who I don't get to see or talk to nearly as much as I'd like to, and of course, K.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 8:24 PM

I'm in da heezy fo sheezie, woot woot!

(link) irv | 0 comments | 12:56 PM

u p d a t e

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Wowww last few days have been hectic ones.

Oh yeah that last day that I was all frustrated and feeling out of sorts I went to go get coffee. I didn't feel like going by myself, so I thought hmm...who should I go to Starbucks with? And of course, when I thought Starbucks, I thought Sar! Thanks for the company miss bonsai boobie.

Speaking of Starbucks the new one on Garvey finally opened. The employees there are all new, so they're still nice people and not all eh. It's decent, I guess. Oh well, that means I don't have to go all the way to Atlantic if I want coffee at eleven at night. Rock on.

Anyhow, I didn't really get to go online yesterday so I didn't get to wish Ape a happy birthday. So yes, her birthday was yesterday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY APE! We celebrated her birthday the night before that at Chez Sateau. Loud waiter, free cake for the birthday girl, some chillaxin at Ape's casa after dinner. Was all good.

Had the talk about college life with the kiddies yesterday. Which meant I didn't have to do any prep or any teaching that day. Weehee. I went to Sunflower's house to pick up a job app afterwards and stayed there for a couple of hours to chat. Left not too long after Leahcimar stopped by (he was driving!) to get his application. K made the drive out to see me again yesterday because he r0x0rs my b0x0rs (or he would if I had b0x0rs).

I have to look for my college essay. We're supposed to give the kiddies a college app talk on Thursday =( In all honesty, I don't have too much to say about that--I was miserable around application time. Miserable and depressed. Sometimes I wonder if I can really measure up to the other section leaders. I didn't graduate with a 4.0 like Yale Guy and SD Girl, or even come close like Cal Girl. I think I'm the only section leader ever (or one of the few) who wasn't an NHS-er at some point in high school. I wasn't super-involved or particularly well-known on campus, and although I suppose I took the "right" or "expected" classes (other SHSers can attest to that) and passed the majority of my exams (cursed US History--although my brilliant brother also got a 2 on it so I don't feel too badly about that...) I didn't exactly stand out in any of them. I guess I'm just the odd one out of the bunch, the black sheep so to speak, and that realization really grounded me. I guess that's a good thing, but at the same time I feel like I have to prove myself to the students in order to gain their respect. An informal poll of my students revealed UCLA, Cal, and UCSD to be the first choices of nearly all the kids in my sections. They would look up to Cal Girl and SD Girl. And Yale Guy? Sure, none of them named Yale as a first-choice school, but fo sheezies he's going to a top-ranked Ivy League school.

Sometimes I feel so inadequate.

Which is why I'm not thrilled about having to share my application essay. It wasn't particularly good, or even very interesting. Or creative.

Well, maybe that's a good thing. I don't know. Very conservative and straightforward. Conservative and boring. No interesting anecdotes, no creative writing style (although we had discussed today after class that creative styles can be detrimental; for instance writing in a stream of consciousness can make the admissions officers think you're the next Faulkner--or a Benjy--if you know what I mean).

Rawr. What can I do.

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Mogy: Oh...Kelly...I want you to meet my brother's wife T.

Me: Oh, yes, we're related.

Mogy and T kinda looked at me like I was crazy, but I wasn't. Mogy's sister-in-law's aunt by marriage is my mother's cousin.
Juniper: (after putting on creme eyeshadow) Somebody blow on me to help this dry.

Morsel: Juniper nobody is going to blow you!

Morsel and I nearly died laughing after she realized what she had said. Good times, good times.

My feet were hurting by the end of the day and I felt really gross. It's all good. K came up to see me last night =)

Going to head back to Nishi soon to do any work that needs to be done and to get KQ and EQ to make me some tasty okinawa dangos mmMMMmmMMM!!

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Face it... your civic has Vtec. Your car has Rice-Rocket blood in it's fuel lines... muahahhahahha! >=)

(link) Damy | 0 comments | 1:19 AM

why were they looking up "pictures of anthro alligators"?

(link) steph | 0 comments | 1:55 AM

So it's humid, I'm tired, and I have a headache and cramps. Oh lordage I just want to keel over.

The air conditioning was not working properly, so although it wasn't really hot in my classroom it wasn't exactly comfortable either. The kiddies were antsy and I was just ready to die. I seriously think I got too much sleep last night. I went to sleep before two, and woke up at about ten. That amount of sleep sounds adequate but I was yawning by twelve-thirty. Seven hours. I'm going to try seven hours.

My hair is getting long. Tempted to cut it, but feeling way too lazy.

I saw most of my friends just last week but it seems like forever since I've seen/talked to them *sigh* I feel like I don't really do anything anymore. Okay well I never really did anything...really...argh. I don't know. I'm feeling not quite right right now.

I've been wanting to make some sort of update to the rest of the page, but I've been too lazy to deal w/ the FTP on this computer. I'll do it sometime...soon.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 8:09 PM

If you type in pictures of anthro alligators as a search in Google then I show up as #12 and Oishirichan shows up as #10 =D

Just making note of that because someone actually got to my page that way.

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Yale Guy: I think you're all pretty

Cal Girl: Why thank you Yale Guy


SD Girl: You're just saying that because we're here.

Yale Guy: No no no...I really mean it!

a minute later

Yale Guy: You know, you're all really nice too.

Me: Okay what do you want...

I have concluded that Yale Guy is the total antithesis to male-dom. It's cool. He knows more about hair removal than me, Cal Girl, and SD Girl combined.

We had fun yesterday. After work all of the section leaders went to the Olive Garden to eat dinner. I drove because I had more gas than Cal Girl plus I think I get better mileage. I think the gas meter goes down exponentially. It takes about fifty miles before a full tank shows any sign of being depleted. Yesterday I started off with my meter showing a little more than a quarter tank, and I swear I was one or two miles down the 60 east (quite a feat considering it was about five o clock--there were some areas on the freeway that had "total stoppage") and BAM there I was at 1/8. Blasted.

Anyhow, after eating dinner we all stopped by a nearby Krispy Kreme and picked up boxes of doughnuts to take home. I have no idea why but they were giving away a lot of free samples of their glazed doughnuts. Between the four of us I think we got six. They just kept giving them to us. Anyway, when we paid for our doughnuts we all asked for paper Krispy Kreme hats so we could all wear them to work next Monday. The lady at the cash register (a 60-something Chinese lady) looked pretty grumpy when I walked up to the register, but when I asked for the hats she broke into a huge smile.

Lady: Heh like the hats hah?

Me: Yes.

Lady: (goes to get the hats) Here you go. They're cute, hah?

Me: Yeah

I was trying really hard not to laugh; she looked so happy when she went to go get the hats. Maybe she found it funny that I was the third person in a row to ask for the hats.

I'm effin exhausted. I know my mom was going to wake me and my brother up early to wash the POS this morning, but 7:30?!?! That's inhumane.

After washing the car I went through the junk that was in the car. There were gas reciepts dating back to '96 (I saved the oldest one...January '96. I was in seventh grade), two hairbrushes, and among other things: Sunflower's homework from senior year and Leah's beanie. Now I know that the beanie must have been there for a while because it was an A&F beanie, and Leahcimar hasn't worn any A&F in a while. I think it's been there since winter break.

So yeah, Leahcimar, I have your beanie and Sunflower, I have your homework.

Might take the Silver Bullet Sedan (as the Brother's friend F calls it) over to Juniper's tonight so we can wash it. She said she was bored and that she'd help me. I'll have to call her tonight.

I'm going to leave for work early today. I really need to stop by Starbucks. I'm about to die.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 10:59 AM

I really didn't feel like teaching today. In addition to the fact that I was tired, today I had my "headache" group that makes my job more difficult. I wasn't having it. But I didn't have much of a choice.

Anyhow, I love how things tie in day to day. Yesterday K was telling me that he can't multi-task. Today before class our group was talking about social differences between males and females. Males are more one-track-mind type of people. Females on the other hand are more complex. Cal Girl noted that when she was at nationals for speech, the girls couldn't win at the game Taboo. Her reasoning? Females associate things with multiple things, whereas males all think the same way when prompted to do so. Of course, she explained it much more clearly. I'm just incoherent because number one, I'm tired, and number two, because I just got back from working with my "headache group".

Yeah my head hurts. I need a nap.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 5:40 PM

Flute choir today.
M: You're 18?

Me: Yeah

I saw her get this shocked look on her face. Oh my god she thinks I'm old... She's about three years younger than me, the same age as the kiddies I'm teaching.

I'm going to go take the test that the kiddies are going to have to take next week. If I don't do well? Then we'll pretend it never happened...

Why am I taking the test? Well Cal Girl is going to take it too. We just want to assure ourselves that we are indeed qualified to be teaching them this SAT crap. I hope I didn't forget everything.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 2:13 PM

Time for a long Leahcimar-style rambling blog...about Jr. YBA and how stupid it's getting.

Okay so I was talking to Juniper on Tuesday and she was telling me about retreat and how much she missed having me, Mogy and Uika there and how stupid Jr Y was getting because everyone there is basically there for one reason...getting hooked up with somebody/something/anything and it's so freakin' STUPID because everyone is losing focus of what Jr. YBA is really supposed to be about. Jr. YBA is supposed to stand for Junior Young Buddhists Assoc. and there are Christians joining the group which would be fine if they were joining to learn more and become more aware of other faiths and such but they aren't everything is so effin' social and it's really annoying because all of the seminars and retreat and conference and everything don't mean anything to the majority of the people who attend them. I'm so glad I'm not in it anymore and I wish that I wasn't in it the last year that I was in it because that was a waste of time and money. But maybe it was good that I was there because frick at least I cared and at least I did what I had to do unlike the other flakes that really don't know anything and as self-righteous as that sounds it's so freakin true. There were precious few that knew anything or got anything out of the seminars and that didn't go just for the stupid dance that was always at the end. I don't know what had happened because there used to be people that actually cared and did work for Jr Y like it really mattered and not like it was some big Festival of the Youths minus the walking around naked part. I bring this all up because I was just talking to Morsel who was telling me about retreat and that the content was good but that it was all very mottainai because the people there just couldn't appreciate.

So my conclusion. Jr YBA pisses me off. Thank you.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 12:56 AM

Happy fourth everybody.

We had the college talk with the kiddies yesterday at work. If you want to know the truth I didn't have much to say about choosing a school or the whole application process. I didn't even visit UCI before deciding to go there. Yes, I was one of the bummy ones. Besides I can't compare to Cal Girl, Yale Guy and SD Girl. They actually did well in high school (obviously).

It was cool though. Yale Guy and Cal Girl both like buff firemen and Yale Guy and SD Girl both like boy bands. I shudder.

Stayed over at Sunflower Girl's house last night. Sunflower, Sar, Leah and I went to Lollicup, Blockbuster and Astros before going to Sunflower's to watch a movie. Went to sleep quite late. Watched elimiDate w/ Leah. Stupidest dating show I've seen in my entire life. Most of them are pretty silly but this one was ridiculous.

Don't have too much to write. Gar. Fireworks are exploding outside.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 10:35 PM

A Far Side cartoon Dr. M told me about (I wish I could find the actual cartoon):
"Welcome to's your Mac"

"Welcome to's your PC

So anyway we're going to be giving the first half of the "college talk" to the kiddies tomorrow. After we finished up with our classes this afternoon, we had our usual meeting afterward. Most of it was prep for the next day, so we were talking about what we were going to be telling the kiddies about the college selection process and college life and such. Dr. M and Ms. B asked us "So what would you say are some of the negative aspects of your college of choice?" Funny how I seemed to have the most to say =X After listening to a little of my negative blather Ms. B asked "Did you ever consider switching schools?" and I answered honestly "Yes". Hey what can I say, there are a lot of things about UCI that I don't like. Granted there are a lot of positive things that I could say about it as least now there is. If you had asked me fall quarter you would have gotten a very different answer.

Dr. M was a UCI undergrad. He knew what I was talking about when I mentioned the clique-ishness and the high school-ish atmosphere. Oh and the frat/sorority thing. Ergh. Funny how after I brought up the whole negative view I had about the frats he brought up LTD. He didn't have a very high opinion of them either (he thought they were kinda ridiculous) even though he was friends with some of the founding members.

Okay okay enough frat-bashing. But you know what I mean. Anyhow, we were walking out to the parking lot (I get to park in the staff parking lot =D) and just as Dr. M was about to reach his car, he called across the parking lot "Hang in there Kelly. There are a lot more people at UCI that are a lot like you than you think." Strange, because I never explicitly stated that I didn't feel that I quite fit in at UCI. I mean, it has gotten a lot better since I got busier (i.e. after fall quarter) and I have found some people I can connect with on some level, but I still feel a little strange (although I must admit, being an ICSer does help).

Oh well, it usually takes me a year to adjust to a new school. Things will be different come fall quarter, and I'll have a lot more work. We'll see.

Goo goo goo and ta ta.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 9:35 PM

Oh my feekin LORDAGE I'm going to die laughing...

Here are the rest of the Strongbad emails =D

Thank you thank you DMan you rock the socks.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 6:22 PM

Hahaha okay this link that DMan sent me makes up for all the fat/short cracks he's made at my expense...almost =D

Time to check the emaaaaaail

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