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Die ladybits die

My cramps seriously make me want to put my eyes out, except that'd probably hurt. And I'd be blind. And I'd probably still have cramps.

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Yay crappy pictures! I snapped these super quickly since I had a box of carne asada fries waiting for me and I didn't want them to get cold but I still wanted to document the debut of this slightly confusing but totally awesome top that has six buttons but an unknown number of buttonholes (it took me about 10 minutes to locate about three of them and a few days to find two more and I'm not entirely sure where the last one is). I'm pretty sure there's a certain way I should be wearing it, but for the most part I just buttoned everything however I wanted to and threw a blazer over it.

I've been feeling kind of gross lately. Skin has been dry, I have very visible zit, my allergies have been flaring up (just a little, not too bad) and I'm bloated and crampy which is just totally fabulous. And awesome. I did get to meet April for dinner at a new restaurant (new as in I hadn't tried it before) after work on Tuesday which was nice :)

Need to buy mom a birthday gift. And find out if we're going to dinner on Sunday.

Here's an old picture from the beginning of the month. Senka Cafe does not appear to serve alcohol, but they sell it. Lots of it. And it's very prominently displayed in the seating area which I find infuriating.

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Basics: Strappy wooden platforms

Strappy wooden platforms Banana Republic
I got these a couple of years ago and have just about worn them to death. They pretty much go with everything, from jeans to dress pants to t-shirt dresses to pencil skirts to frilly little frocks. The footbed is wonderfully cushioned and the heel is just chunky enough to be comfortable.

Also pictured:
Banana Republic denim trousers
Alex and Ani expandable bangles
Asos stretch bracelet
Gorjana necklace
Odille ruffle-front blouse


And one more picture, just for kicks.


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I've been lacking photo inspiration lately which of course means I've been busy either not taking self-portraits or photochopping the portraits I do take as exemplified in photo #1.

Finally put one of the rompers I have to use by wearing it under a skirt. Which was awesome. Except when I had to pee. And I think I'm going to have to shorten the straps if I'm ever going to want to wear it without a tank or something under it.

I had more to write but I...forgot. My brain still thinks it's the weekend and quite frankly I'm not sure it even woke up this morning, which means that it's probably a good thing that VV and I carpooled to work today.

And no, we don't always carpool because we hate the environment we often leave work at different times and/or have different plans after work. I like to get back right away so I can go to the gym and still have time to eat dinner afterward. Sometimes he likes to go to Borders or Fry's or whatever after work. Or he works late. Or I work late. Etc etc. I was poking around Blogger's settings and realized that all I have to do to enable a feed "enable feed". Dumbass. I think you can subscribe from here.

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100 dances, beauty crap and un-beauty crap


Time for you Koreans to bust out some KOREAN PRIDE (pryde?) because that video dude is AWESOME. Plus he totally used my favorite Yeah Yeah Yeah song ever. And my favorite Madonna song.


A few weeks ago I finally got around to hacking open my tube of Urban Decay Primer Potion after going for weeks with struggling to get any more out of that poorly designed container. Look at how much I got out of it even after it seemed to be completely empty. Stored it an old Rosebud Salve tin (I go through tons of that stuff).

I'm super tired right now but I have an Orange Bang and a stomach full of spicy tuna rolls and Korean-style spinach (what happens when you put a Korean market in little Tokyo) and a morning/afternoon that did not consist of me getting screamed at by a crazyface mom and a student that took down the chairs for me (all two of em) and said "I actually paid attention in service today" when I handed him his folder not "Do we have to do this every week. I don't remember anything (insert eyeroll here)". And I get a home-cooked meal. It's a good Sunday.

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This is so not the hand sign for "rock out"

(is it obvious that I really want to leave work right now?)

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Signs that someone is an engineer (or just a nerdgeek)

- He calls his handwriting his "font"
- He calls stick figures "wireframes"

Anyway I totally remember at least one part of what I dreamed last night. I cut my bangs. I WANT MY BANGS BACK. But I want to grow my hair out a little more first.

I don't feel like going to the gym today. Ahhhhhh

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Something else I got tagged for on Facebook

See, I get around to this stuff sooner or later!

This one was from Damon.

It's harder than you think!! Here is what you are supposed to do...and please don't spoil the fun...copy and paste into your own note, type in your answers and tag a bunch of people - including me.

Where is your cell phone?.......purse
your hair ..........messy
Your father? .......male
Your favorite thing? ........alcohol VV
Your dream last night?......alcohol forgot
Your favorite drink? ...........alcohol wine (wait wha?)
Your dream/goal? ...........satisfaction
The room you are in? .....disorganized
Your fear? ........failure
Where do you want to be in 6 years?.....comfortable
Muffins? ............films
One of your wish list items?.........lens
Where you grew up? ...........California
The last thing you did? .......procrastinate
What are you wearing?.......skirt
Your TV?...........neglected
Your pets? ..........imaginary
Your computer? ......tiny
Your life? .........boring
Your mood? .........lazy
Missing someone? ......multiple
Your car? .....dented
Favorite store?
Your summer?
Your favorite color? .........gray
When is the last time you laughed? ......lunch
Last time you cried? .......forget
Three people who email me? ...........ingeborg, info80, kathiesantana21
Three of my favorite foods? .........fries, avocado, hummus
Three places I would rather be right now? .....your, mom's, house
Three people I think will respond? .....your mom yourmom

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Fountains of Rome Orange County

Ever hear of Project 365? I'd hear the term thrown around on Flickr so I sort of knew about its existence but never really looked into it until Xin emailed me about the project a few days ago, telling me I should do it.

I looked into it after that. I looked up some guidelines for project 365 and the 365 recap/reflections of the original project 365-er. After reading up on the project, I realized that I already sort of unofficially do it. My personal aim is to take a post at least one photo a day. Sometimes it doesn't work out (I forget to take a photo sometimes) but most of the time it does. I'd say that 9/10 days I remember to take a photo...not too bad. I've also started taking more photos of myself (as you can see) because recently I've found myself wishing that I'd done so more in past years because I think it's fun to have a record of how you've changed physically.

In any case, I'm probably not going to "officially" take on project 365, but I will keep doing what I'm doing :) I did find a link to the Day in the Life Of project, which I found kind of interesting and may take on some day!


The Korean, VV and I went to the movies last night. We had time to kill before it started so I started to take photos around a fountain. So I was standing on the edge of the fountain in order to get the above shot...and after I got down off of it and walked around to another side of the fountain we saw this :(

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Overload...of my face

With or without flash? My skin seems to look better without flash, but that might be because the exposure is longer and I move a bit too much while it's taking the photo. My hair looks kind of funky because instead of brushing my hair after I towel-dried it I just pinned it up. I took it down mid-day and by the end of the day it was just kind of horrible.

The more I look at that photo above, the more it creeps me out. I kind of wish I made it smaller...

I like playing with my shadow when I take photos. Not sure what that says about my intelligence. Photo on the right is something my dad showed me how to do when I was a kid. He called it monkey lips. VV thinks it's gross and doesn't like it when I do it, especially when I try to kiss him like that. Which of course means I do it all the time.

Anyway, it seems that my mom has discovered Urban Dictionary. I can't decide whether that's a good or a bad thing. She also just added me as a friend on Facebook. I can't decide whether that's a good thing or a bad thing either.

wtf for some reason i got elle mag delivered to me @ work?
2:13 PM Feb 12th from web

Sooo it seems that not only did I get an unsolicited issue of Elle at work (not that I'm complaining) but it appears to have a different cover than what's on newsstands right now. Do subscribers get something different or something? I'm confused.

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Random crap about me (because you really wanted to know)

Steve tagged me for this on Facebook, but I only use Facebook for stalking people and writing useless things on people's walls...and sometimes I comment on photos. However, since Steve is so dead-set on knowing random things about me (and can you blame him? Because you should.) I will post it here :)

So here we go. 25 Random Things About Me

1. I have accounts for Facebook, Friendster, Myspace, Twitter, Flickr, Imageshack, Xanga, Wordpress, Vox, Livejournal (2 accounts actually), Ricebowl Journals (blog directory and networking site), Zotmatch, Geocities, and who knows what else. I'm only really active on a couple of those things, though.

2. Along the same vein of webgeekery, I've had a webpage in some form or another since I was 14.

3. My little brother's birthday is one day after mine.

4. When my mom was giving birth, my head got stuck and wouldn't come out. Which is why she had to have a C-section. Sorry mom!

5. When I was young (less than 2 years I think) I got into the A&D next to my crib and greased up myself, the entire crib, and all of the stuff in the crib. Twice. I told my parents they had nothing but themselves to blame the second incident because they left the ointment within my reach even though they knew I liked to play with it.

6. I burned myself on my humidifier twice. My parents are always like "WHY THE HELL DID YOU DO IT AGAIN WHEN IT HURT SO MUCH THE FIRST TIME" but dude I didn't even remember the first time...and still don't.

7. I went horseback riding once in my life. I was 9. My feet were incorrectly placed in the stirrups and the guide totally wasn't paying attention and didn't notice when the horse ran away with me. I fell off and was stuck because one foot was in the stirrup and the horse was standing on my hair. Some lady came to help me but after the horse took it's hoof off of my hair it put it down on my face. I never went horseback riding again and DON'T GO TO SUNSET RANCH IN TAHOE.

8. I have a tendency to chew on my hands and fingers (yes, my fingers not my fingernails) when I'm anxious/stressed. I actually managed to give myself a hickey-looking thing on my wrist once whilst desperately trying to complete a paper last-minute my freshman year of college (remember that, April?)

9. I'm pretty addicted to online sample sales (email me w/ your email address of any of you need invites to Ideeli, Hautelook, Gilt Groupe, RueLaLa, the Top Secret or Billion Dollar Babes (not sure if you need an invite for that one))

10. I've had the same glasses for maybe 5 years. I only use them sporadically.

11. I have Morton's Toe and flat feet.

Melinda: You called me a freak!
Dick: I called your toes freakish. I didn't call you a freak. It's supposed to go big toe, little toe, and then on down the line...not big toe, bigger toe...
Melinda: You really make me sick.
Dick: I make you sick? You're the freak!


12. I'm terribly introverted and pretty terrified of people.

13. Which is probably why, when I was maybe 16, I decided not to become a psychiatrist, which is something I'd wanted to do since reading Sybil in 6th grade. Instead I majored in computer science which is much more peoplewhoareterrifiedofpeople-friendly.

14. Weirdly enough, though, I don't really have a fear of public speaking.

15. According to my mom, I was the one who taught my brother his ABC's.

16. I usually have three cameras (and at least one or two extra lenses) stashed away in my purse (cameraphone, Canon p/s, dslr).

17. I do not, however, carry lotion, antibacterial, a hairbrush, a mirror, or tissues (all things that VV thinks that normal girls have in their purses)

18. I played koto for 11 years.

19. When I was maybe 9 or 10 I taught myself how to crochet with a straightened-out paper clip and a set of Japanese instructions (I looked at the pictures). I've since forgotten how, of course.

20. When I was 6 or so, my mom told me that fake nails would make my real nails turn black and fall off and I believed her. I now know it's not true but still refuse to get fake nails.

21. I don't like receiving flowers gifts. Wine would be a better choice :) Or Vosges chocolates.

22. I like to make wishlists on shopping sites. I have ones for Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Amazon, Endless, and Yoox. And possibly other places that I've forgotten.

23. If there's a salad on my plate with my entree, I almost always eat it first. My brother is the same way. We've been conditioned to do so by our mom who would never let us eat the rest of our dinners until we'd finished our vegetables.

24. Ever since I was 11 or 12 I've enjoyed looking at houses and determining which ones I could someday buy based on a certain salary/down payment/etc. The only difference is that now I use Zillow instead of the Homes section of the LA Times. Infinitely better. And more fun now that I have two salaries to factor in.

25. I always saw marriage as something that was optional. Possibly because none of my four aunts and uncles were married. I never saw college as optional, though. Possibly because when I was five (maybe younger?), my mom told me I was going to go.

Andddd that's it.

Here's a picture to make the post more interesting.

Either Champagne Bakery cannot spell or they were trying to be fancy, in which case perhaps they should have called it a "salade de poulet" (is that how you say chicken? i used altavista) instead of a "chicken salade". VV and I both agree, though, that this isn't as amusing as the Sprm Croissant that he ordered from Jack in the Box nearly four years ago. They have since changed "Sprm" to "Spme" or something boring like that. Good thing he saved that receipt.

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Didn't go to the gym because I didn't get enough sleep (at least, that's my excuse)

So I did get In-n-Out like I'd wanted (#2 animal style YUM) and, without thinking, filled up my cup with Diet Coke. I became a lot more caffeine sensitive since I gave up coffee (over three years ago!) and I hardly drink sodas any more so that stupid Coke kept me up until around 4am and I had to wake up before 8 which means I got less than 4 hours of sleep which I really can't do any more. Anyway, it sucked because we had to go down to the SD area for a major meeting and throughout the entire thing I just wanted to pass out on the conference table.

Chose this rather dull-but-professional outfit since I felt way out of place in my ruffled pink blouse the last time we went down there for a meeting.

Afterward we went to the home (which is amazingly beautiful and has an incredible view of the Pacific) of our corporate advisor where we had a little celebratory champagne. When we got to the front door he said that his dog would probably attack us the instant we stepped in the door. I knew it he didn't mean it literally, but I was afraid that it meant he had a rather jumpy, rambunctious (why doesn't firefox think rambunctious is a word? and what on earth does rumbustious mean?) dog that could possibly knock me over (WHICH I DO NOT LIKE) so I pushed VV ahead of me. When we were getting the grand tour of his home, however, in meandered the sweetest little puffball of a dog that didn't jump, or even run, and nuzzled my hands when I reached down to pet her. "She's ferocious." said our advisor affectionately as he watched me coo over the little Sheltie. It was the most adorable, good-tempered dog I'd ever seen in my life and I wanted to steal it. Decided not to after realizing that a) it was too big to sneak into my purse and b) decisions like these are probably fueled by lack of sleep and that I would regret it the next day.

Experimented with flash photography last night. Unfortunately, all I have is a built-in flash. And I killed maybe two bars of battery life. And I nearly gave myself a seizure with all of the flash, especially when I turned out the lights to take photos. I totally forgot to get the remote out of the picture in the second photo above. Also, I don't know why my mouth was open.

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Greasy food cheers me up. Which is probably bad.

I'm kind of ehhhhh about today's photo but it'll have to do for now. The image on the right of the image is a detail shot of the blazer (Origami Jacket ha am I Japanese or what) which I sort of love/hate right now. I love the way it feels (mmmm synthetic lining) and I love the way it looks and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that it's machine washable but it's weird because it's a bit looser around the torso than I'd like...yet kind of snug around the shoulders...which makes me wonder what kind of body type it was designed for. Hm.

I'm still cranky and kind of pissed about yesterday and I'm pissed that I'm pissed because that means I'm letting crazyface and her angsty daughter ruin my day. I told VV that I'm still mad about the whole incident and that I wanted a burger from In-n-Out (it's been a long time since I've had one...relatively speaking) so he said okay. So I think (hope!) we're going after work.

Someone from the dorms (a million...billion ye a   r    s        a    g    o  ) once told me that only ghetto girls dip their fries in thousand island. Is that true? If it is, I'm going to be omega ghetto'd up for dinner tonight and don't come knocking on my door or I'll bust a cap. In your ass.

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Fearfully rant-y post..feel free to ignore

Hope everybody had a lovely February the 14th. I celebrated it by lazing around the house with VV watching Heroes in the afternoon and spending the evening consuming overly expensive food and wine...followed by more Heroes (and hot chocolate spiked with coffee liqueur). Service at the restaurant was a bit spotty, but since it was a crazy busy night I think that's only to be expected. Our table wasn't so was close to the door so we kept getting drafts of freezing air but we did get a super-fab view (see included photo)! Food was great, though. So, all in all a nice Saturday.

Unfortunatelyyyy today was kind of not so good. I have this pretty surly girl in my Sunday school know, isn't interested in anything we do or talk about, rolls her eyes every time she talks. I have eighth graders, so this is expected behavior. Plus, for some reason I notice more girls with bad attitudes than boys. Anyway. I made her cry today (I'm not entirely sure how because all I was doing was asking her what I could do to make the class more interesting for her?) claiming that she was feeling really "frustrated" and that she felt like she was really "on the spot" (hard not to do when she's the only student) but after she went to the bathroom to go wash her face (or calm down or whatever) she seemed a bit more...I don't know. But she wasn't crying any more. Anyway, I apologized for upsetting her and just tried to talk to her about Buddhism in life and whatnot (standard fare for my class) and let her go at the regular time, chalking the whole thing up to 13-year-old-girl dramatic tendencies.

Anyway, I went to go find Leanne so we could go get lunch and this chick's mom stops me on the way out. She asked if we could talk and I told her "Absolutely." I figured that she saw her daughter was upset or her daughter told her something and probably wanted to find out what happened...but as soon as we got into my classroom she slammed the door and started yelling "HOW DO YOU GET OFF AT YELLING AT MY DAUGHTER???" and all sorts of other things like "Why are you saying mean things to her" and "Why are you putting her down" and "You shouldn't be yelling at her" etc etc. It was shocking and funny at the same time...absolutely amazing. I literally couldn't get a sentence it because as soon as I'd try to say something she'd start yelling something else at me at which point I was wondering what she was trying to accomplish with this "talk" anyway. Some of the stuff she was telling me what pretty weird how I should "go back to the younger classes and learn how to play" (personally I think that dealing with 1st graders is waaay different than dealing with 8th graders but that's just me) that I need to "lighten up" that I need to "make it fun" but that I need to "give them a lecture" and that I was "too inexperienced" and that (this is the weirdest one) I'm "trying to be an adult when [I'm] just a kid" (wha??). She calmed down after yelling for a while and I was able to talk to her and explain my "curriculum" and the MO of the class. The amazing thing...she seemed totally shocked when I told her that nothing like this has ever happened before and even better was that when I asked her what I had done wrong specifically so that I could be sure and change it, she said that all her daughter had told her was that I was "mean". That's it. She never told her that I yelled at her (probably becauseee I didn't?), she never said why she thought I was "mean". So, wth.

All of you out there who do this for a living? Madddd props to you guys, seriously. This is exactly why I decided years ago that I'd never want to teach for a living. UGH. Anyway, I'm mostly pissed off because they left kind of a bad taste in my mouth and it's kind of ruining my day. Chyeah thanks dudes.

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Because engineers like to be pretty too (...or not)

From my Twitter:

# my perfume is driving me nuts
5:06 PM Feb 11th from web

That perfume that I was talking about is the one in the foreground in the above photo, Bond no. 9 in Bryant Park. The next day I tried another one. I think it was Chez Bond. That one was HORRIBLE. Couldn't wait to get it off of me. The one I'm wearing today is Eau de New York which I think I kind of like and is the one I originally went to the counter for before the saleslady bombarded me with 10 different fragrances. Might get a full bottle of that one. I'll probably use Bryant Park until the vial is out since VV likes it a lot, but I have no idea what I'm going to do with the rest of Chez Bond.

I like to photograph things like these before I use them which is why I haven't used this palette up until recently. This palette (Passions of Red Smokey Eyes palette) is the most perfect palette everrrr. I got it as a gift from Sara and Damon last xmas (yay!). I tend to shy away from most palettes since I never find one that has nothing but colors I love and don't have, but this one is just awesome. The only shadow in it that I already have is carbon, which also happens to be the only shadow I've hit pan on (i.e. the shadow I use the most by far). It also contains Satin Taupe (which I've been wanting for ages) and the perfect gray and the perfect dark brown. I think I'm in love.

Isn't it silly how things like this make me happy?

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I do stupid things for the sake of my mediocre photography

Stupid things like standing outside in the rain in a sleeveless shirt that's dry clean only. Photos of me standing in the rain are not posted (yet) but hanging out in a tank top and a skirt w/ bare legs is pretty up there on the stupid meter too. Photos didn't even turn out that great. Shame on me. However, the rain made my hair pleasantly messy to the point that it almost looked like I actually had texture. RAWESOME.

Anyway, I once again tried to bring out stuff I haven't worn in a while...which was almost everything in this ensemble. Top had been worn just once (dinner @ JoJo/lunch @ L'Ecole/shopping in NY), skirt hasn't been worn in ages (last time I actually remember wearing it was over a year ago), shoes hadn't been worn in months, bag rarely gets used which is irritating because it's easily the most expensive bag I have. Straps on top keep falling down as you can see.

In other news, I'm now obsessed with Rougemarie and her glorious, glorious outfits and photos. Makes me wish I were a tall, slim, long-legged girl living in Europe. Check it out if you're into that sorta thing!

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I'm full of water and I have to pee every 20 minutes

In the spirit of trying to work through my pile of never-worn clothes and shoes (and jewelry...) I donned that slightly oversized t-shirt and my trashy zipper heels (that I changed out of halfway through the day because I think I need to get them re-soled in rubber leather soles are overrated and would you believe I didn't realize they were total Louboutin knockoffs until a few weeks ago?). I totally got busted this time, too. Some dude who was taking his dog out asked me what I was taking pictures of. I was behind the camera at the time, doing test shots and trying to get the settings in place so I half-lied and told him I was taking photos of the sky. I hate doing sps w/ other people around which is why I prefer to stay in the garage.

And guess what I'm totally going to Vegas in a couple of months.

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Not feeling especially verbose (lucky for you)

Tried out yet another new place for lunch on Sunday. The yolks of my eggs benedict were not runny and that made me sad. But otherwise it was good.

No self-portraits today, but it's okay. My friends are prettier than me anyway :)

Whoa that was a really rhyme-y two sentences.

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Rescue mission

So because there exist very sweet people that cannot bear to see me drink myself into oblivion (well, at least not by myself) Steve and Ray came down to save me from myself (and the bottle of vodka in the freezer) on Saturday evening. Our first stop was a wine bar I'd been wanting to try for years...and it was a damn good thing we went because it turned out to be their last day of business! Too sad. The shelves were depressingly barren and a lot of their menu items had run out (*sigh* I really wanted to try a wine with notes of "jammypreserves") but the staff was still upbeat and cool. Our server said that there's a chance they might be reopening sometime in the future so it looks like I'll be checking back from time to time. Here's hoping!

Afterward we went to Inka Grill for Peruvian food and sangria and then to the movie theater to catch Gran Torino. Low key and relaxing. I did end up kind of drunk, but in a more socially acceptable fashion.

This last photo is for Steve. His face indicates that he is displeased with my crazy picture-taking but at the same time it looks like he's about to flex for the camera. And I have no idea what Ray is doing.

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French marm. Not what I was going for.

Sooo I've been trying to get wear out of stuff that has either never been worn or has been worn very little and stuff I haven't worn in a long time. This particular day it was that dress and those shoes. I've had both for months and hadn't worn either of them ever so I decided to give them a shot. Two birds (dress and shoes), meet my one stone (aka my outfit). I cinched the dress in with a skinny belt...which ended up making it a bit shorter than I'd like (esp since it has side vents...eep?) but decided that the outfit as a whole kind of vibed Bottega Veneta. Unfortunately, the Counselor thought it vibed kind of French maid (stupid lace trim) and VV thought it kind of vibed school marm (wtf? Maybe it's because I had my hair pinned up and my glasses on earlier in the day...but I was also wearing a nylon hooded jacket zipped up to the throat so I dunno) soooo I think I'm going to have to think of a different way to wear this. Eh.

That day was particularly crappy, too. That was the day I had to work on my resume...and it was also the day it started raining right when I started driving to work. Blah.

I'm not feeling especially articulate today. I think I'm tired. Ended up getting to bed late (couldn't fall asleep until two-ish) and right when I started to fall asleep VV called to let me know he was on his way home from nerdfest...which was nice but it woke me up.

Sooo what's everyone up to on Valentine's? I still need to buy VV's gift.

Going to pack up my laptop and start driving back to Orange County in a bit. Work tomorrow. Okay.

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Quick post

I think that I'm going to get swooped up pretty soon buuuut wanted to post these photos before I fall too far behind.

VV's mom painted that picture and gave it to him for xmas. Awesome, right? I think the title was "Heaven and Earth".

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More crap that's not related to eachother

Our table at a luncheon that happened a couple weeks ago. It was like the kids table...except we were all 20-somethings. Word.

Yesterday was crap because I needed to update my résumé and I hate doing that more than I hated college applications (which, if you remember, I hated with eighty three passions and your mom) and apparently I can't remember half of what I did over the past two years. Meh. It's over and done with.

On a happier note, airline tickets are booked and so is the cruise! I don't know why every trip outside the country seems to involve a big boat. Cruise to Mexico, cruise to the Bahamas, and now a cruise in Europe. Maybe I'm a fob at heart. It's all good, though, because we're going to hit 5 or 6 different countries. I told VV we could decide which countries/cities we liked best on this trip and plan another trip to spend more time in them sometime in the future.

Anyway I'm just rambling now. Time to get to work.

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I'm coming out!

Of the closet! Literally! See that shoe rack? I think VV has been allocated about 4 spaces and I took up the rest. Plus I have another pair sitting on top of it. That shoe rack/shelf/storage/whatever thing was a bitch to put together. I put together about 1/4 of a cell and complained that my hands hurt so VV did the rest. Haha I suck.

VV bought me that sweater. We were in H&M and he wanted me to get it. I told him no because I was on a shopping ban (which I think I've actually managed to enforce between then and now so good for me?) so he bought it for me. He is usually able to bully me into buying stuff for myself by threatening to buy it for me (like this sweater) but I'm really, really trying to refrain from buying clothes since my closet/dresser/VV's closets/VV's dresser are bursting and I have tons of stuff that still have the tags on them. Bad, I know, but I'm working on it. Anyhow, I think the lighting in the foyer area is kind of horrific (well it makes me look kind of horrific) so maybe I won't do SPs there any more.

- I'm kind of craving honey and butter on toast right now. Must remember to take the Mentiroso Oso home with me today (more on that later).
- I guess I'm going to lunch with VV and his friends Saturday afternoon before the nerdfest.
- Sometimes when I have to pee at night I dream that I have to pee so I go to the bathroom in my dream. I'm sort of afraid that these dreams will cause to wet the bed one of these days. Maybe I should just hold it.

This last photo is a preview of upcoming SPs that I'll post when I feel like it.

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Hmm so I thought I had weekend plans but apparently I do not seeing that VV's friend's birthday shindig is not going to involve something cool (as we had originally anticipated) and instead is going to be a big geekfest (think Dungeons and Dragons) which I will not be attending since the last time they had a get-together of geekery all I did was eat, drink about five beers (by myself), and fall asleep on the couch before VV took my drunk ass home early. Am afraid that if I don't make other plans that I might end up watching hours of Sex and the City episodes whilst consuming ten beers and a bottle of wine by myself only to have VV come home to the sight of me passed out in a puddle of my own boozy vomit while the DVD menu serenades me with the SATC theme on repeat.

Actually that sounds almost fun.

Just kidding. I hate puking.

I have SPs from yesterday but they're not very good. Post-processing may or may not save them.

The phrase "may or may not" is stupid and redundant.

Valentine's day is coming up soon and we haven't made plans yet. Still need to figure something out...

Also, is anyone interested in going to Japan in August? We need more people for our tour group!

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Not so skinny

So last month I decided I'd finally give skinny pants/jeans a shot. Yesterday I finally got up the nerve to wear them in public. Scary? Kind of. Especially since I had the misfortune of reading this when I was reading blogs that afternoon. Sigh. That blazer is the best $1 I ever spent, though (came with a vest, too, but I'd have to lose 20 pounds if I ever wanted to wear it) and that awesome pin on my scarf was free! Got it from Nucleus Gallery at the reception for their ninja exhibit (which the awesome Huntz of Owlo invited me to) even though I didn't bring the flyer like I was supposed to. Awesome gallery dude let me have one anyway. Probably because he is awesome.

Anyway, I felt the need to document my pants adventure even though I'm unsure of the success of it. We shall see.

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Slow weekend

Leanne and I went on a mini-adventure, driving around downtown in an effort to find promising lunch spots now that Little Tokyo's Mitsuwa is (quite sadly) now a thing of the past. We ended up driving past Olvera street and through Chinatown only to come back to J-town. We went to Weller Court to check out Marukai's bento selection (sad) and happened upon Senka Cafe where we decided to have lunch. It seems they sell lots of chocolate, lots of wine (photo of the wine wall will be posted on Flickr at some point...) and sandwiches and soup. And smoothies. And Italian sodas.

Did almost nothing yesterday. Went to the gym in the afternoon and realized that gymming in the middle of the day without having had any having been at the gym less than 24 hours earlier (it was more like 14 hours earlier) was a bad combination. Meant to go out to dinner but was so exhausted (and a bit headachy) afterward that we just picked up food and watched Heroes until 1 in the morning. What an awesome Saturday.

Oh! And it looks like VV and I (along with a load of various members of his family) are going to Europe in May! Quite exciting. Going to put my (relatively) new passport to use...finally.

And because I haven't been doing self-portraits's a couple of old ones I never posted.

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