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So I was just on Their string bikinis are shown to be $7.50 each. They have a deal where you can get 3 for $24. Why does this not sound like a good deal? So I placed two seperate orders. One for 3 and one for 2. The ensuing page said each: $7.50 total: $24 for the order of three and each: $7.50 total: $16. I don't get it.

I think Esprit is back. I saw new merchandise at Macys at South Coast Plaza the other day.

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Friday Five on a Saturday!
1. What are your favorite ways to relax and unwind?:Getting something good to drink and settling down with a book or some DVDs =)

2. What do you do the moment you get home from work/school/errands?: Either the above, or I'll sleep.

3. What are your favorite aromatherapeutic smells?: Coffee. The bf's cologne.

4. Do you feel more relaxed with a group of friends or hanging out by yourself?: Depends on the friends, but the majority of the time? By myself.

5. What is something that you feel is relaxing but most people don't?: Shopping? Reading? I don't know.

I'm so tired. I got less than five hours of sleep these last couple of nights--and no time for naps! Oh the horror...

I'm at work right now sans supervisors. It's the best.

So I went to the party/get together thing at the condo yesterday night. We got there at 10:30 and I left at five with Scam and M. There were a great number of drunken kooks and only one incidence of puking, which I (thank feekin goodness) missed. I had fun. M and Apes were gone. I was attacked. I was put on a washing machine. I was sober. I was wide awake. I pulled a splinter of metal out of M's finger. I washed dishes. I walked barefoot in the back. I drank a lot of water. I ate a lot of chips and salsa. Half the chips were on the floor. A quarter of the chips were on the table. A quarter of the chips were in my stomach.

Oh dear, I'm so tired.

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First day of classes.

It's been an interesting day.

And a more interesting night.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 5:26 AM

Yes all guys should wear (good) cologne (referring to Sar's post). I once stood near someone while waiting to retake a lab exam for ICS21 because he smelled so feekin good. I have no idea who he was or even what he looked like, but dayum he smelled good =D

Just don't go overboard. I once knew someone who went waaaay overboard with the (otherwise very appealing) Polo Sport. He must have been loaded because I swear he dumped about half a bottle on himself before going out every day and you know that stuff isn't cheap.

Let's see. About $40 for a 2.5 oz bottle. Half a bottle a day. $20 a day. That's a lot of money just to smell scary.

Time for me to go shower. I feel icky.

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Come brighten my day with a comment.

Click below =)

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You confuse me. What are you?

I'm Chinese but I speak Vietnamese

Were you born in Vietnam?

I was born in Colorodo

After he left...
At first I though he was Korean. too.

I did nothing at work Saturday. It was nice.

Spent the last two days with the bf. Went to Seal Beach with him. He had to quit fishing early because his bait got swept away by a wave.

Actually I think that was partially my fault =\

So yes, I'm going to go with him again tomorrow. This time in shorts so I can wade in the water. I love the beach.

Did I mention that I got my booty whipped at miniature golf?

I think I saw my 6B TA at OCBC. Like a psycho I just stared at him until I could stare no more instead of actually saying something to him. I just didn't want to feel stupid if it wasn't him. Oh well.

Notice my new design? It's sorta not done yet, but I'm getting there.


(link) Midori | 0 comments | 1:10 AM

It was indeed mighty trippy.

The Japanese world is still a small one.

Feeling happy (thank you for inviting me Sar) and strangely sad at the same time.

I'm not smiling.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 1:43 AM

I hit 11,000 on the hit counter today. Know who it was? Me neither. IE 6 Windows ME. I have the IP address but I shall not post that.

I have to go to work today. Weee. $$$.

And then I'm heading over to LA (that's right, Louisiana) to meet up with Sar so we can go to JACCC to get cultured. Mare Tranquillitatis. Sounds miiighty trippy =)

I went to go get my new pants adjusted yesterday. Nicest man ever. Benny at Spatola. They do a very good job on jeans (he showed me some of their work) so I may start buying brands other than Gap. Maybe. But they do a damn good job.

Spent the remainder of the day with K. I like watching him with his sisters.

Came home relatively early. For some reason I've been aching all over. Like being sick, just not as bad.

Gotta go finish getting ready.

Ai yi yi.

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Hey if you're bored, go read my Friday the 13th story on my page for a good (or not so good) laugh.

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Friday Five...on a Friday!
1. Would you say that you're good at keeping in touch with people?: Oh heeelll no. You have no idea how many people I'd lost touch with over the years =\ It's quite sad.

2. Which communication method do you usually prefer/use: e-mail, telephone, snail mail, blog comments, or meeting in person? Why?: Not a big phone fan, and my emails usually die out. Snail mail is worse. I prefer either using AIM or meeting in person.

3. Do you have an instant messenger program? How many? Why/why not? How often do you use it?: I only use AIM. I haven't been on too often lately (by my standards)...but that's bound to change once school starts.4. Do most of your close friends live nearby or far away?: Most are within driving distance.

5. Are you an "out of sight, out of mind" person, or do you believe that "distance makes the heart grow fonder"?: Depends on the person. Others I can maintain a relationship with despite the distance. Those people I definitely appreaciate more once they're no longer nearby.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 1:30 AM

Ahhh...back to frequent posting. Multiple times a day.

Convinced I have the best little brother in the world. At first I was thinking he was giving me the bowl with chocolate not just so I could eat the last of it, but also so I'd have to wash all the melted chocolate off of it when I was done. He just came over to take the bowl to wash it for me =) I love my brother. I wish I could take him to school with me.

I had KFC popcorn chicken today as well as my first tall iced nonfat upside-down caramel macchiato in a loooong time. Yum.

For some reason the meat of my palms are sore. Really sore. May have been caused by me fighting with the lock at the apartment last night when I went to go drop off some food and kleenex and such. It took me about ten minutes to get in.

For some reason I've been in a very flashback-y mood lately. Today I was thinking about my last year of summer camp and how we went to John's Meadows and how we had to hike three miles to get there with the huge backpack things because there was no way the vans could get to the campgrounds and how we had to cross the little stream with all the wasps and how there was no bathroom and how Juniper, Wombat and I went to this gorgeous stream to filter water for everybody and how crappy the filtered water tasted and how we had to dig a hole behind a huge rock for the girls to pee in and how the guys had a "shooting range" to see who could pee the farthest and how KM dropped his pants at night and we all shone our flashlights on his boxers so we could see them glow in the dark and how I couldn't pee for over 24 hours (just looking at the feeking hole made the urge go away) and how all the girls would stand on the huge rock and sing Bingo when someone was using the hole.

After we got back all the girls went to go shower and all the guys jumped into the pool without showering. Yuck.

Going back to Irvine tomorrow. I have to work on Saturday.

I have a new layout that's almost ready. Too lazy to put it up quite yet.

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For some reason this odd random memory just popped into my head. One of doing all this medieval stuff in seventh grade. I was Kirsty and Sunflower Girl was Elaine and the teacher was Brunhilda (don't ask) and this other guy G was Gaston (aka Ton of Gas) and for some odd reason this one guy chose the name Vivian. Anyhow we formed groups and had to make a castle. I had Sunflower Girl in my group and A when she was still C and YN who wiped glue on my arm. Brunhilda rocked the socks. She gave us an A- on the project even though our "castle" consisted of nothing but four walls with five houses on the inside. I made the houses =D I'm not sure what we were thinking but we found the whole thing quite funny, especially after seeing the castles that the other groups made.

I'm fairly certain that this post made no sense. But whatever. I'll post something more coherent later.

I still need to see Death to Smoochy =( Like DMan's big pink bunny...ten times!

Speaking of...if you have never seen this before, go now!

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Cannot figure out why I am losing weight when I am being stuffed full of fabulously unhealthy goodies like KFC popcorn chicken with BBQ sauce (my fault) and Ben and Jerry's ice cream (feekin K...feekin $1.99 pint of ice cream!)

Forgot to do the Friday Five once again, so here I am doing it early early on this lovely Thursday morning.

1. What was/is your favorite subject in school? Why?: It was music. Naturally. What can I say, it was easy. Now? Um, not sure. It should be programming. It probably is.

2. Who was your favorite teacher? Why?: My fourth grade teacher was simply very cool. My seventh grade teacher post-history day because of all those odd hours we had to work together. My seventh/eighth grade math teacher was very cool as well although she confiscated her masking tape from me because I kept smelling it. My high school band director because he is the big cheese. My calculus teacher because she was small, scary, and very very very very smart.

3. What is your favorite memory of school?: All of our wonderful band unity. Laughing at the teacher whilst being very bad and Italian in geometry. Not doing a single feekin productive thing in chem.

4. What was your favorite recess game?: Ah...back in the day. In fourth grade we played this thing called socco. It was some sort of evolved form of dodgeball. We also played a lot of Truth or Dare.

5. What did you hate most about school?: Sleepless nights. Getting horribly sick and not getting well for weeks and weeks. The stress. The depression. The term papers. The feekin decade paper and feekin presidential primer. But we all made it. High fives to all.

For you former and present SHS-ers there's going to be a benefit concert at SHS on October 19th. My mom's taiko group is going to be performing. Tickets are $15. Let me know if you're interested =)

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 12:53 AM

I miss my Mac daddy. My stupid laptop won't play my DVD =( PC Friendly my feekin arse.

Tomorrow's destination: Target. Goal: To acquire some plastic hangers and a kitchen trash can. Non-Target related goal: To wash my car. It's getting rather difficult to see through the windows and I'd hate to brush up against the side of the car or something. It's filthy.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 12:27 AM

Hungry but I don't feel like eating.

I need hangers.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 12:41 PM

Apes made me French toast this morning =)

Although she did have me watch the skillet. If I come down with food poisoning it's going to be all my fault.

The internet is up here =) But I'm going home today. Be back Friday. Working on Saturday. $$$. Finally.

Happy Birthday Sar! It was yesterday but I've been on this one-day-late thing lately. One day or more. I dunno. I'm slow.

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Simply back to let you know that no, I haven't died. I am quite alive and quite well. I am going back to Irvine tomorrow. I think I shall pick up yet another two for the price of one strawberry juice thingies on my way back since tomorrow is the last day of the promotion.

I be off now. Peace.

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Here I am at the MRC. My first day. I can't believe I'm getting paid for this.
Me: You like tits?

Tough Girl: I lack tits

So my hearing sucks. It's sucked for a while.

I moved in Monday morning. It was a pain. The cleaning. The moving. Good god I was exhausted by the afternoon. I went over to K's afterward. I was tired as feekin hell. Happy anniversary Apes and UJ.

Yesterday I woke up, cleaned, then headed over to the Block for Scam's birthday thing (happy birthday Scam). Afterwards Apes and I went to XL's place to see her before she headed back home. We stayed there until about 2:30-3:00 talking. It was the first time I actually got to talk to her roommate C. Turns out we know a lot of the same people. The Japanese world is a very small one.

Apes and I met with DJ really quick over at Carls Jr. He told us he has a housewarming gift for us =D Very nice guy. Used to bring us coffee and cookies in the middle of the night.

And here I am now. I have access to the internet (finally) and now I can update. I know you missed me.

Goo goo goo and ta ta. That's it for now.

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when im feelin stressed i do what i do best
bust rhymes and bust caps in fake niggas' chests
but you best take a rest, cause here come the tests
feelin oppressed by the I C S

yo, if youre feelin stunned, keep your hands on your guns
one more week to run and this shit is done
cause hear me out son, when you comin undone, feelin outrun, hey, the shows just begun ...
takin tests by the ton, one by one
but don't worry none
one week and you're done

the Tan man says, keep ya head on straight
it may be a sad state, i wont elaborate
but if ya just wait, and don't show up late learn to lean on fate cause God don't debate
and don't be a hater
your life'll get greater, sooner or later

now that the Tan man let you know wassup,
clap ya hands cause there's nowhere to go but up

Some awesome rhymes some young fellow posing as my LARC tutor M. TAN had come up with when I was stressin'. Now that was pretttty cool.

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I saw Me at Santa Monica yesterday. She was with who I assume to be her boyfriend. K and I were sitting in the car trying to get into the parking structure and she walked in front of the car. I saw her, she saw me, and we both waved. Very very odd.

Thanks to Flute J I now know there is a kooky picture of me somewhere in the internet world. I shall not link it. I find it quite offensive. I am raising my eyebrow.

Salt and vinegar potato chips are good. Potato chips are very fattening.

I need to shave my legs.

I don't feel like packing. I need K to come take me to Tapioca Express and Corona del Mar and to XL's dorm and to my dorm and then sit with me for like 3-4 hours and amuse me with his chatter and play in the sprinklers.

And that's the way things went.

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For those who care I will be feekin MIA for a while. I'm going to be moving into an internet-free apartment tomorrow.

I might suffer from withdrawl. Eep.

Anyhow, if you want to reach me you're going to have to call the cell.

K drove up yesterday. Two months two months two months =D

Now I really really want some of that good strawberry juice from that boba place in Puente. Two for the price of one. Maybe I'll bring one to the Brother at work. No doubt he'll need something to brighten his day in that hellhole also known as Kills U Month Ofter Nonth. It's going to be hell fighting traffic though. Oh well.

I saw Mogy and Morsel for the first time in aaaages. Morsel had a bunch of souveniers from Japan for me. One was this Midori (=D) brand letter opener that's a sock-rocker...even though I haven't quite figured it out yet. Mogy brought me a (green) light-up uchiwa that her brother had sent from Japan. Weeeha.

Must do some last minute shopping before I move. I haven't even packed yet =X

Past food obsessions:

-Chili cheese Fritos from the chip cart and Waffle Crisp cereal kept me fat during swim season soph year
-Fried chicken (junior year baby)
-Jack in the Box fries (which I still love)
-Chili cheese fries from The Hat (got some with Leah early this summer)
My current obsession? Popcorn chicken from KFC with BBQ sauce. Yum.

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Just dawned on me that this guy has actually had a nice handful of tv and movie spots. I wondered if he was listed online and looked him up. Heehee. I've seen him flopping around on a gym floor. Kind of like a fish. I had to dance with him once.

What do you do when someone asks for your financial assistance for a good cause? There was some guy at the supermarket who wanted me to buy some t-shirt. The proceeds were to go to help find missing children. He asked if there were any children in my life. I almost laughed. He was wearing blue contacts. They were quite scary.

I was walking through the parking lot this afternoon and some guy was standing outside of his car smoking. He yelled "Hey china". I didn't look up. He couldn't have been talking to me. I'm not a Chinese female.

The swelling in my fingers has gone down. Thank feeking goodness.

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e m p a t h y

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 2:10 PM

Carted Oishiri's hot booty over to Irvine with me so Apes and I could see her before she leaves for Davis tomorrow morning. We had quite a time shopping for apartment goodies. Five dollars at IKEA for three items. Not bad not bad.

We really shouldn't have stopped at Pac Sun. I somehow got brainwashed into buying a two-piece. I'm almost embarassed to admit to it because I clearly do not have the body to wear a two-piece. My stomach simply does not agree with it. Oh well--all the swimwear was on sale =)

Oh yes Oishiri got to meet some of the condo guys. P, DJ, DMan, and Dirty D (that's a feekin lot of D's) when we went to go drop off their food.

After taking Oishiri back home I drove over to see my K for a few hours then drove on home. I'm quite the exhausted one. Didn't sleep much last night. I forget why.

I saw Kat yesterday night. We went the azn route and did asian things like go take pictures at an asian plaza where we saw the Chinese American Student Assoc. of USC (or something like that) getting food and such. We then went to another plaza and got strawberry juice (two for the price of one until September 15) and then headed to Jack in a Crack so she could get some junk food. I haven't seen her in over a feekin year so I just gave her my senior year prom pics friday. Crazy jigga.

Oh yes and before I forget...

1. What is your biggest pet peeve? Why?: I really hate it when people try to pretend they're someone they're not. Irritates the hell out of me. I also hate it when people call any old button down plaid shirt a flannel. It's not a feekin flannel unless it's made out of feekin flannel!!!! *whew* I'm okay.

2. What irritating habits do you have?: I used to correct other people's grammar out loud--that among other things. That was rather pretentious of me. I don't do it anymore. My grammar be just as bad as everyone else (if not worst)

3. Have you tried to change the irritating habits or just let them be?: I had to make a conscious effort. I don't do it anymore though.

4. What grosses you out more than anything else? Why?: The dorm bathrooms. Ours wasn't nearly as bad as the guys' bathrooms but I'm sure they never had blood on the toilet seats or thongs in the shower or used pads left on the toilet paper dispenser and such. And freeeeeek the smell!!! Feek.

5. What one thing can you never see yourself doing that other people do?: Dying my hair. None of that bleaching or highlighted whatnot. I don't know. Just an idiosyncrasy of mine I suppose.

The answers aren't too good. Sorry. I'm tired.

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Curse this warm weather. There was a little mosquito in my room yesterday. Today I'm bitten all over my legs and fingers. My fingers are all swollen and it kind of hurts to move them. I have a flute lesson tomorrow. Weehaaa that's going to be fun...

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It's been a while since I've had to go around looking up javascript crap to do fancy stuff to my page. But now I am. So I find it, copy it, and adjust all the curly braces to my liking. I revel in my geekiness.

Speaking of java, someone managed to find my page using the keywords Java + hell. Go fig.

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I'm confused and angry and hurt and upset and I feel like I've lost and it's all because of different things and to top that off I'm all puffy and I can feel cramps coming along and isn't that just what I need because it's been a rough two nights and I haven't been able to sleep well.

Why must everything come at once?

Why am I such a bitch?

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Henrietta Marshall pisses me off. RAWR.

It was a good day and a good night. I've had several good laughs. The kind where you just fall on the ground and you're pounding everything your eyes are tearing up and you can barely breathe. I think I almost died.

I got mosquito bites on my chest that one night I got restless. I just saw a mosquito flying around the room and now I don't know where it is. And now I'm paranoid. Arrrrrr.

I'm incredibly sleepy. Feek.

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Ha somehow I managed to miss Friday again. I just realized. Anyhow, here it is. On a Sunday.
1. What's your favorite piece of clothing that you currently own?: shoes count? I like my boots. But I need new ones.

2. What piece of clothing do you most want to acquire?: Don't ask me that question because whatever it is, I probably can't afford it.

3. What piece of clothing can you not bring yourself to get rid of? Why?: The formal dresses that I'm probably never going to wear again and take up room in my closet.

4. What piece of clothing do you look your best in?: Anything that hides my legs =X

5. What has been your biggest fashion accident?: Middle school.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 10:51 AM

Went to the apartment yesterday because mommy wanted to see it. Plus there was a lot of stuff I needed to drop off. K woke up early to perform manual labor for me. Thank you thank you =D

Leahcimar is leaving for Santa Cruz very soon. He has to be there by Tuesday =\ Creeezies. So yeah, we're going to have an all-day thing today because it's going to be a long long time until the next time we see him.

I need a shower. My hair feels crappy.

P.S. I'm a bitch. Bwahahahhaah

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