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Hi midori. long time no talk to, huh? did you change your sn? but hey, new site up:
jst wanted to update my life here that i was a part of. im in college now. the college of new jersey. ne one reading this from there? holla up: x6678. lol. well im doing really well and im glad to see that ur doin fine, even tho your blog is retired :( ttyl

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 3:29 PM

Hello. This is my LAST fricken eight o clock class YAY!

At least for now.

Actually, I have to get up really early on Monday to turn stuff in to my writing prof. MoFricken NO!

So anyway, I went to Scam's room yesterday to watch Memento and The One. Finished up at around 11:30 but went back to my room at about one. Her roommate wanted to sleep at 12:30, but she never came back to the room so I just decided to stick around. We talked about Vegas, the ability to drink, and her weekend trip. When I left she told me to have a safe walk back and not to get attacked by coyotes or bunnies. Aiyah.

Aiyah. My dad used to get mad at me for saying that. Why do you keep saying that?! Do you think you're Chinese?! Why yes daddy, I am Chinese. I say aiyah (the result of having chinese friends). Besides, people at my first intermediate school called me a chinita so I must be Chinese.

Oh wait, I keep forgetting. I'm Korean dammit Korean!

I am quite the confused little girl. Help me.

Time to shower and eat. I'm out like I'm out.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 9:23 AM

Kelly is a moron.

Bleh bleh bleh. I dunno I've been feeling pretty bummy this entire week. Maybe it's the weather. Maybe it's just me. I don't know.

It's raining hard today. I haven't stepped outside yet, but still...

I feel like going out to dinner today...hahah. I don't know why. I really really want pasta. Real pasta. CPK pasta. Yum.

So yeah, I went shopping yesterday. Damy took me *woohoo*. Was a good shopping day, yes it was.

Met Apes at seven and went to Middle Earth for dinner as usual. Ran in to a grip of people we knew. Heheh...we were saying "why are they all here? We never see them here...not all at once." and then I was like "Actually...why are we here? They live here." Right.

So I met up with Damy again and we went for our usual Wednesday night coffee.

Afterward I came back to the dorm and bummed. DJ came in and bummed with me. Random got us started on all of these test things at The Spark. So we were just sitting there doing all these tests. Weird. Oh, I'm 81% pure and I'm going to die in July, 2051, one year after Random. Wonderful, no?

And here I am now. Maybe I'll see if Scam wants to watch a movie on her comp or something, because I really feel blah right now. Dang everything. I don't want to eat at commons *sigh* I want my car.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 12:00 PM

thank you for your help, kelly! :) such a sweetie pie :) hee,hee...yumms...pie...would go well w/my coffee right now :)

(link) saraphin | 0 comments | 4:08 AM

if there are fortune tellers, can there be misfortune tellers?.. oh yeah, thank apes for the bookmark :] me gusta.. honto!

(link) steph | 0 comments | 9:47 PM

leahcimar (2:00 PM): ummm i'm a fortune teller
midori (2:00 PM): tell my fortune
leahcimar (2:00 PM): your fortune... you're gonna be my slave and feed me grapes this winter break

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 2:10 PM

Haven't posted on here for a while.. i'll do that now... IT'S GETTIN' TOO FRICKEN COLD!!! (my rant for the day)

(link) Damy | 0 comments | 1:36 AM

I got back from the library about an hour ago. I actually did some anthro reading. Miracles do happen.

Anyway, Apes had taken me with her so she and UJ would stay on task...which not only did not work but backfired miserably. Hmmm UJ thought that me and Apes were acting rather high school-ish...which is probably true. Whatever the case we didn't get too much done in the last half hour/45 mins we were there. Dictionaries and eyebrows are very distracting, y'know.

UJ STOLE (and yes stole is the correct term) my pencil.

begin depressing bs here--->Dear oh dear...the holiday season is upon us now.

I remember what was going on this time last applications. Those things had more or less hurled me into a seriously depressed state. Ugh...if you don't know what I mean read my old post-christmas blogs from last year.

Eh. Me and my egotistical self-centered self. Oh yes, I was depressed because I was forced to admit to all my shortcomings when filling out those damn apps. Yes, I thought I was the "cream of the crop" so to speak, because that's what everyone had led me to believe (yeah yeah there I go blaming everything on everyone else) Or that's what I was supposed to be anyway. But there it was, all laid out nice and neat in black and white. Spelled out S-L-A-C-K-E-R. U-N-D-E-R-A-C-H-I-E-V-E-R. And who could I blame it on? No one but myself. That was the worst part.

And here I am now. Every redeeming quality I thought I had then is now gone. Then I had a fairly heavy class load, a part time job, and plenty of extracurriculars. The more I do the better I feel. But now? Can you say bum? This can't be good.

Somehow I feel like I've lost myself over the past few months. What am I now?

I don't know why I'm talking about this. More incoherent rambling. Yes.<---end depressing bs here

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 12:37 AM

Back to coherence. Hello world.

I think I'm almost content. Or I feel that way sometimes--which is better than what I have been feeling not too long ago. Sometimes I walk through school and I feel like I belong here.

I've been through the whole transition thing before. This is the seventh school I've attended. However...this is totally different. If history repeats itself, I'll be fine by the end of the year.

And so I ramble. And I said I was coherent. All apologies for my blatant lie.

Así es la vida

C'é la vita

C'est la vie

Go fly a kite!

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 5:41 PM

Today was a day. Indeed it was.

Early class as usual. Turned in my anthro paper. Was incredibly tired so I napped after discussion.

Went to ME to see K. Saw XL and trailed her to her crim class. Went back to the dorm.

Ate w/ Scam at Brandywine. Went to her place to watch the most estupidoest movie made.

Went back to my dorm. Here I am. W/ mr dj. I'm incoherent right now. More later today.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 2:47 AM

Just a little bit of news....

Sunflower's parents weren't mad that there were two freaks at her window scaring her at one in the morning. In fact, they were (and I quote) "laughing their asses off" =)

My day has been made. I'm out like I'm out. This is Kelly Midori in Irvine, California, signing off.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 10:05 PM

And here we all are, back again, back to normal.

It was fun last night. I drove Oishiri to the theater so we could meet up with Sunflower, Sar, and Leah to go see Shallow Hal. It was murder trying to find parking. Anyway, we called up the other three and discovered that they were at a different theater. HA. But it was all good, the movie was sold out anyway so we went to Old Town (typical destination) and met up at Barnes and Noble. Chillaxed (there's that word again) there for quite a while. I finished the two books I bought on Friday so I got House On Mango Street to read over the remainder of the weekend. (Oh Sar? Eleven was in Woman Hollering Creek. I forgot =\)

We took a little trip to Urban Outfitters. I saw a calendar there that reminded me of a book that Stanford Guy had recommended to the SAT section leaders over lunch that one time. Worst Case Scenarios or something along those lines. I believe I shall pick it up at the bookstore next weekend. He found it hilarious. Sounds good. Anyhow, we went to get some Coffee Bean coffee afterward. Leah and I staged fake arguements to amuse the other three but that went nowhere because they were too busy not paying any attention to us. Plus Leah had to keep telling me to be quiet because I was being really loud. Well, we stayed there until we got kicked out at closing. They close at 11! =\

We went to the parking structure. I took Sar in my car and Sunflower Girl took the other two back home. Sar and I drove around aimlessly for a while. She showed me where our former band director, the Queen Ant (he's male by the way), lived =D That's around when Sunflower called the cell to tell us goodnight. We were certain to get her good and scared, telling her about people in the wall that scratch to get out and recalling the scarier parts in What Lies Beneath (which we had seen together the weekend before). She kept talking and talking and we wanted to get to her house hahah. Sar was all "Go to bed! It's already one!" So with that done Sar and I went to her house, parked across the street, and proceeded to tap and scratch at her window. After the second or third time I tapped on the glass with my nails she screamed *mahahaha* and then Sar was trying to move the screen to see in her room but then Sunflower freaked and yelled "Stop!" It was hilarious up the wahoozie. She finally pulled up the blinds and opened the window after we called her name a few times. Even though she was all pajama-ed out and ready for bed she went out with us, pj's, glasses and all.

Sunflower showed me how to get gas at Arco which I had never done before. Then we went to Jack in the Box to satisfy my fry craving and to ease Sar's hunger pangs =) Then we parked across the street from Sunflower's again to eat and chat. It was really nice. I dropped Sar off first because Sunflower didn't feel like getting up just yet. After I dropped Sunflower off I went home. It was quite late by the time I got home. Quite late and quite cold. The windows were fogging like mad.

Granted, we were missing people in our little outing (Trace, Scam, and Ape) but it was still all good. It was strange, I hadn't seen two of them since they left for school yet it was like nothing had changed...almost. I mean, Leah's hair was much longer than it was before, and I was driving (*eek*) instead of, say, Oishiri but still.

And even though we were missing people it was still good. It's strange how each person seems to add their own color to the group. I mean, add or take away one person and the whole tone of the group changes.

Suddenly, I can't wait until winter break.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 9:42 PM

I had commented on the nice weather we were having in Southern California just last night on XL's blog. I spoke too soon.

It was pouring this morning, and it still hasn't let up.

The combination of heavy rain and the mall-going crowds made me switch to paranoid-old-lady mode when I went driving today. I had to take my film to Costco and I also needed to get some batteries from Radio Shack for my camera. Those suckas are takai. Seven dollars per battery. Word to your mother.

I bought two more books yesterday. Blu's Hanging by Lois-Ann Yamanaka (which I had already read) and God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. (author of Schlachthof-Funf aka Slaughterhouse Five) I finished God Bless in under an hour and re-read Blu's Hanging, so it's all good. I needed some recreational reading material for the weekend since I forgot The Fountainhead at school yet again.

God Bless is a strange book, but it's interesting...very interesting. Vonnegut is a man who, with the assistance of Dr. Kevorkian, makes a series of two-way trips to heaven via "near-death experiences". While he is there he interviews people who have died and reports his findings in short 90 second snippets on a radio show.

There isn't much to say right now so I'm out like an out. Until next time, goo goo goo and ta ta.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 3:57 PM

I'm about halfway done with my anthro paper...and that's about as done as it's going to get for tonight.

Meanwhile, here's some fun stuff that I have on my iTunes playlist right now. It's an odd mix, but never mind me. Limewire was working last night so I downloaded some random stuff. It's all good.

How Deep Is Your Love-The BeeGees
Tears in Heaven-Eric Clapton
Age Six Racer-Dashboard Confessional
Under The Boardwalk-The Drifters
More Than Words-Extreme
Ain't No Mountain High Enough-Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell (?)
Let's Stay Together-Al Green
For The Longest Time-Billy Joel
Stand By Me-Ben E. King
Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen
Unchained Melody-The Righteous Brothers
Sway-Bic Runga
My Girl-The Temptations
See? I'm not totally ghetto. I need a change of pace sometimes.

Anyway, I think I'm going to get to bed. I'm out like an out.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 2:05 AM

midori (12:42 AM): I'm supposed to be studying econ
midori (12:42 AM): but I'm sitting on my book
And so went the conversation I had with a friend sometime during my senior year. I may be older, wiser (ha), and living a totally new life with a lot fewer classes and a lot less work, but some things never change. I am currently sitting on the stuff I printed out for me to use for my anthro paper. I don't know...I just put the papers/books on the chair and don't bother moving it when I sit down. I did that many a time with my calc book last year.

Happy Thanksgiving my lovelies. I know it has passed, but it's all good.

So I went shopping today. Starting with the mall, ending at Starbucks. I attempted to go to the ghettoriffic MTC as well, but parking was horrific so I gave up. Anyhow, I got very little shopping done, but I did get fries. Not the standard Jack in the Box fries, but chili cheese something fries from Del Taco. Del Taco has some pretty crappy food but I had an odd craving. I haven't been to Del Taco since that time we watched Gone With the Wind after school for english. Or was it Casablanca? My memory fails me.

After going to get fries I went to MTC, but gave up looking for parking and got coffee instead. After that I went to my car and called up Sunflower Girl to see when she'd be able to go to the movies. I wound up sitting there talking to her for at least twenty minutes, just drinking my coffee and eating my crap food. It was weird, we spent the day at the same places but never ran into eachother. We were at the Santa Anita mall at the same time, and then we both wound up going to Michaels and Old Town after leaving the mall. We're just weird like that.

After getting off the phone with Sunflower I went to Tower to look at CDs. I got the very old school CrazySexyCool because it was marked down. I have the cassette, but I lost it. I have the case and everything, I just don't know where the cassette is. Besides, cassettes are such a hassle. I also gave in to Apes musical tastes (yes she's rubbing off on me) and picked up Swiss Army Romance because, gosh darn it, I was starting to miss her music. Well, that CD was reasonably priced so it was all good.

I found Meet Me In St. Louis on VHS at Suncoast. I'll get it next time I'm there. Or maybe I'll get cheap and borrow it from the local library. Whatever floats my boat.

Oh yes, and I think I'll be seeing my old group of friends tomorrow =D All of them, together. Well, that is if Scam comes through, we haven't been able to reach her. And Apes too *gah*. I think she might be going back to school Saturday night. We'll see.

I think I'll start looking at my anthro papers now...I think they're getting wrinkled.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 11:27 PM

my mom can not play it.. does that count? we have one but it just collects dust

(link) steph | 0 comments | 4:56 AM

Okay I've realized that everyone and their mother (sorry Apes =D) can play the guitar now. Whoop de doo. It's all chord stuff though. Is there anyone who can play classical guitar too? If you can, you rock my socks. If you can play it well, I bow down to you =D

I will shut up now....

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 10:00 PM

Bluh BLUH I wanted to go see Leah today but I got home, ate, and then got roped into Thanksgiving prep. Bah.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Anyhow, it was a short week needless to say. I'm back at home right now, quite tired and just waiting for my madre to find something else for me to chop or wash or something. Damy gave me a ride home from school. I'm afraid I probably wasn't great company, I was tired then as well and it made me a babbling idiot. Oh well it's all good.

Yesterday after bio I walked partway across the park w/ M (guy M not girl M dang there are just too many M's...) and then made my way to Brandywine. I was going to bust a XL and just pop in and grab a smoothie, but on my way out Scam stopped me, so I went to get a salad and some coffee and I sat and ate with her. While we were there we saw Poker--who she said she hasn't seen all quarter--and S. I don't really know S, I had only talked to him a few times during welcome week and ate lunch with him during like, week two or something. I dunno, he was just a friend of Scam's. After that I just went back to the room and chilled with Apes, Random and A. Sunnyshine (ahahahah everytime I write that it makes me laugh) came over and we went to go eat at commons.

Apes went out with the UJ so I took the time to kick back. She got back after I went to bed. She woke up early today so she could surprise UJ at the airport =) Which means that she was up earlier than me on an 8 o clock class day *gasp* What does that mean? It means that we were able to get breakfast after I got back from class. And so it goes.

You know what, there are always people at Jack in the Box drive through no matter what time it is. Anyway, you know how I went there really late last weekend? I was behind this blue truck thing and while we were all waiting this guy jumped out of the passenger side and started walking back. So yeah, I made sure my doors were locked and stuff cause hey, in my ghetto you never know what's going to happen. But anyway, he passed my car and I was like, what the heck? There were no cars behind me. So I look in the rearview mirror to see where he went and he's by the bush peeing. Beautiful. The thing is, I bet he just finished his buisness, got back in the truck, and started eating his Jack in the Box grub without washing his hands. YECH.

Okay that was my little story for today. I'm out like an out.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 9:41 PM

Too hellafricken tired and lazy to update this. Just wanted to let you know that I updated the writing section.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 11:06 PM

Finishing up the coffee that DJ brought last night. It's still lukewarm, and it tastes really good. Hazelnut with creamer. Yum.

I wound up going to Scam's place yesterday. I haven't seen/talked to that girl in ages! Anyway, her Monster's Inc divx was not working on my computer because the sound was lagging, so I went to her dorm. By the time the movie finished, commons was closed so we walked to In n Out. I've never walked there before! Me and my lazy bum. Anyway, we wandered around the Wherehouse then went back to her dorm.

I got back to my dorm and discovered that the internet connection was down, and that's how it was aaaalll the fricken night. I mean, my AIM was still connected and stuff but it wasn't working properly and the thing eventually froze up. Bah.

So that's when DJ came in with his awesome hazelnut coffee. The roomie had gotten in not long after I did so we all chilled for a while. It was getting late so he left.

Oh yeah, S took the remainder of our frosted mini-wheats. We let him because we had gotten them the week after welcome week =X Hahah.

I'll type more later. There's random stuff I want to talk about. Eh. I am lifeless =D

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 11:15 AM

I'm up especially early because of that darn-ded blue book I have to go buy. I'm tired up the arse and am just hoping I can somehow manage to eke out an essay when I get to class. At least I remembered to make the requisite photocopies (my leaving a reminder for myself to do so probably had something to do with that...) this weekend. As for now...? I'm just killing time before I leave. I don't want to leave too early and then get to class really really early. I don't like spending more time in the perv professors class than I need to.

Speaking of perv professors...I discovered that Sunflower Girl's art history professor is far, far worse than my writing teacher in the perv department. At least my professor's pervertedness actually pertains to the subject matter. Eek.

Okay well off to Zot n Go I go. My eyes are burning and crying. I'm tired.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 7:43 AM

cool. third place.

(link) steph | 0 comments | 4:40 AM

oh, ya..i dunno if you've heard yet or not, but seeing as you're a fellow band nerd [x-band nerd? :(] thought you might be glad to hear that shs garnered 3rd place yesterday at arcadia :) beat out rubidioux and chino and a wholllllllle bunch of other schools...might've beat out montebello and arcadia but i can't be sure....GO SPARTANS!!!! :)

(link) saraphin | 0 comments | 9:18 PM

i'm going to pretend that your bruin/TROJAN comment was reallie more of a *yea*!! :) hee,hee....FIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!! :)

(link) saraphin | 0 comments | 3:22 PM

Looks like the Bruins got punked by the Trojans. Oh well. Either way I would have been happy =D (oops I didn't mean that =D i'm still a nice person though :) Nice and bitter, that is)

Sunflower and I watched What Lies Beneath again. We also caught the tail end of Never Been Kissed. Her cousins were over too. One of them is my former freshman. According to her, the flute section is all slackered out now. Oh well. Not everyone can be as awesome as we were =D

So anyway, I had the first loooong talk with Sunflower that I've had in a very long time. I was over at her house until a quarter to two. When I left it was really foggy. Needless to say I missed the meteor shower.

*gah* I have to get up early tomorrow. I forgot to buy the blue book for my in class essay. Zot n Go (who the in the frickenhell comes up with these names...) opens at 7:30, so I'm in luck. Bookstore doesn't open until eight, and that's when my class starts. Blasted.

Everyone is going to be back this week. I can't hardly wait...

*For those of you who DO read this about a get-together...?

please? =\

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 2:31 PM

MMMMM spam musubi. Bits of garbage meat smashed together and canned...sliced....cooked and then sandwiched in between two layers of rice and wrapped in nori (another word I didn't know the english word for until later in life). Oiiishiiii.

The trip to the tidepools was interesting. As I had said before, UJ provided the transportation for me and H. H liked touching stuff. She squashed every sea anemone she could get her hands on. I accidentaly pulled a hermit crab out of its shell. It was all curly at the end...heheh. When it doesn't have a shell it looks like it's pulling itself along like a person with no legs if a person with no legs were to pull himself along...what am I talking about? Anyway, I gave it its shell back. I'm not that mean.

Instead of going to the basketball game I third-wheeled it with Apes and UJ. Went out to dinner and then took a little trip to Starbucks. Afterwards we went to the parking structure. It's starting to get really cold....=X By my standards, anyway.

The Sunnyshine (bwahahah) took me and Apes back home (as in back to our respective houses). I told him to get off at the wrong exit...except at the time I didn't think anything of it because no one ever listens to me. Turns out he was listening. Oops. Oh well. I got home safe and sound.

I actually did my own laundry. My second load is in the wash right now. Aren't ya'lls proud?

Me and Sunflower Girl are going to go rent a video tonight. We're going to watch it over at her place. I haven't seen her since that time she came with Trace and Sar to pick me up from school. Hm. It should be all good =D

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 4:17 PM

Wow I actually went to breakfast today. I got out of class at 8:50 and instead of going back to the room to sleep/shower I went to commons to eat/read. That's right. I ate decent food this morning (and yes I said DECENT food...from commons...breakfast isn't so bad). Well, I had to leave my bookbag outside and when I left I went to go get my bag it was gone. So I stood there panicking for a second and then walked around a bit thinking it got moved. Lucky for me there was this guy who was able to tell why I was so flustered and he told me that the bags outside got moved to the housing office. Turns out they have a check in now. I haven't been to Mesa Commons in over a week =X Oops.

Field trip today. Woohoo. UJ is giving me a ride. Thanks UJ.

Basketball game today? I might go. I was talking to KQ (who did not go here but was always here because so many of his friends and a couple of his cousins went here) and he said that they would have to practically bribe people to go to the games. Hahah...I'm so negative. I crack myself up =D I'm still a nice person though :)

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 12:33 PM

Spaz is getting his hair cut using a razor. He's in the kitchen and there's hair all over the place. He's not wearing a shirt so all of the hair fuzz that's on him looks like it's growing there. Eeeeeeee.

It's been a very Mighty Mouse week. I saw him again while I was passing through the arts buildings on the way back to the dorm. S'all good.

Me and Apes cooked pasta again. This time our guest of the night was Damy. Last time it was DJ but I think he was watching the Victioria's Secret fashion show or something...heheheh. Anyway, we had salad too. And leftover pasta, which I just gave to DJ for "study food". He hasn't come back w/ the Rubbermaid.

Oh crap I started typing this like, three hours ago and I just left it here because I started talking to Random and sorta forgot about it...oops. Well, sorry daddy. Happy Birthday one day too late =\ Shimatta!

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 2:23 AM

a buddy told me about gabz. don't look too good... :(

(link) steph | 0 comments | 8:11 PM

About the post...*sigh* Don't mind me. I'm just a sad bitter girl-power freak. I'm a Beautiful Freak sans the hermosa part.

Look at what Leah wrote for me:

Leah: me... sweat and sour pork has a first name.. it's K-E-L-L-Y ... my sweet and sour pork has a second name it's F-A-R-T-Y Oh i love to hear her fart each day and i love to say HEY how's your daaaaayyYyyyYYYYYYY.....
Leah: cause.... KELLY FARTY is the best with making kids love the west....
I don't know how he comes up with stuff but it's quality stuff...hahah. Yes it makes me laugh.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 1:34 AM

For some interesting reading, pop on over to gabz. Yeah.

(link) irv | 0 comments | 1:32 AM

Do You Know the Muffin Man? I saw Shrek today. Cute movie. Gotta love the gingerbread man! Hahahahah...I love gingerbread man. Gumdrop buttons. Oh the sarcasm...oh the...yeah.

One more it just me or is this rhyme just totally wrong?

Little Ditty of the Day: I saw Mighty Mouse again on Tuesday when I was cutting across the park to get to class. Turns out he has the same bio class I do, just at a different time. Yup, same class as UJ. Anyway, he got a little huffy when he found out I did better on the midterm than he did. HA. After all that went down in spanish man...I don't feel bad for him hahaha. Evil me. I shouldn't say that. He gave me one of his many spare spanish books when I was missing mine for that one month. Well, it was nice seeing him.

Speaking of Mighty Mouse, here's an appropriate blog flashback for today (my my my...they're showing up more and more frequently aren't they...)

Poker is a breast man. That's what Mighty Mouse, the self-proclaimed leg man, had informed us of. There is way too much focus on the female image. Why is it that guys can get away with wearing the same suit or tux for every special occasion and girls are expected to have something distinctly different? Okay, maybe the guy will change his shirt or tie color, but that's a lot cheaper and a lot easier than finding a whole new outfit. Eh, what can I do. (10/09/2000)
I can only remember two instances when that whole breast/butt/leg man thing came up and both times were during math. Once junior year and once senior year. I don't get it. Anyway, the subject came up again today. I asked Damy and DJ about it. It's all very...interesting. And that's all I have to say about that for now. I'm a little tired. Don't ask me to think.

Damy brought me an air freshener because I like the one in his car so much. I hope Apes doesn't mind it =X I think I'm going to tone down the scent by putting something over the jelly. It smells fruity in here.

Hmmm...allow me to explain my last post. I'm allergic to cats. S has a cat. So my eyes were watery/itchy/burning. My nose was running/stuffed up. The sinus pressure was giving me a tremendous headache. I wasn't feeling too hot so I did a crappy job on my homework and went to bed. Amazing how quickly I fell asleep. Usually takes me forever.

Bah. All I do is ramble on and on and on. I'll try and talk about something substansial next time. Or not. That's what the blog is for, right? *sigh* Maybe I'll blog later tonight. Meh.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 1:24 AM

Went to S's place (that looks really weird) for some home cooked food. Very good, yes indeed.

I think the cat poisoned me. I'm going to go nurse myself now. I'll blog more...later.

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Okay, you know why I don't post anywhere nearly as often as you? Because I get tired of thinking of things to type. That's probably because most of my free time during the day is spent playing games or watching tv.
*TRANSLATION* I like to spend time NOT thinking. *END TRANSLATION*

Why do you think so much all the time?

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Oh yeah interesting little ditty here: Y'know that thing in It's A Small World? In the Thailand area (I think)? That thing with six arms? I used to be so afraid of that thing. I'd cover my eyes when we went past in in the dinky little boat. I am such a retard. I was afraid of It's A Small World.

You know what else I was afraid of? My grandpa's sneezes and my brother's closet door. But those will keep...

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AIM convo w/ minor changes
midori : I'm a big fat REJECT
midori : its on my forehead
midori : REJECT
damy : awwwww
damy : no
damy : you're UCI blood baby
midori : hahah same thing
midori : oops
midori : =X
midori : did I just say that?
Okay before ANY of you get on my case, go ask a few anteaters what their first choice school was...and whether they were accepted. Okay so maybe it's just a stereotype: all anteaters were aspiring bruins/bears/whatever SDs mascot is who more or less got shot down. But that stereotype had to come from somewhere.
midori : I'm so spirited
damy : can you feel the school pride?
midori : eee
midori : yes
midori : just coursing through my veins
midori : or that may be caffeine...
damy : hahahah
damy : i'm leaning [towards] caffeine
So I'm a snotty little pessimist. Sue me.

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Oh yeah, while I was at Disneyland I did a google search with the keywords "designer toilet brush" and left it there ahahaahah.

So anyway....

I found some more stuff for my major and school. I'm an Incompetent College Student at the University of Certified Idiots. Hoohaaa.

Okay I've got to quit ragging on my school...


How's that for school spirit? (zot)

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Can you believe it? Another catastrophe. In the same state. NY people are just having the worst luck aren't they...

The Disneyland crowd was pretty thin...well...for a weekend/holiday. In the morning the lines were next to nothing. It was a bit too cold for my taste, to tell the truth. It was a good thing that we left before the rain started.

I saw a band marching our route. They were in dark green uniforms. Okay...our uniforms are black, but our color is green, and the uniforms before the black ones were green. So made me miss the band. BAND NERD. Fo was the first time in years that I had been to Disneyland without the band. I remember that when we used to march through the backstage area we'd see that train that circles the park passing by. Well, my mom and I took that train so we got a peek at the backstage area, and I saw the drummajors back there acting like retards. Oh the memories.

Know what...? My mom was commenting on how empty the parking structure was, and I said that I remembered it being really crowded last time I was in the structure. I realized then that the last time I was in the structure was September 8. Ha.

Disneyland sure brought back the memories. Yeeee.

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thank you, thank you, kelly, for that enlightening comment in the end. i wish SOMEONE in particular would hear you. :P but anyway, yes..have fun in disneyland tomorrow. think of me IN CLASS while you're riding dumbo (you MUST ride dumbo) because for some straaaaaaange reason, my school doesn't have a holiday. eeevils...what if I were a veteran?!? i'd have to protest...

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"No amount of fire and freshness can challenge what a man can store up in his ghostly heart." (F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby)

It wasn't just Fitzgerald that had made note of this truism, but Voltaire as well in his ridiculous story Candide, where the "fair Cunegonde" could never live up to the image created in her absence by Candide. Anyway, one of the things I like about Gatsby is the high quotability of the book. There are just little snippets that are either very recognizable or...relatable. And so it goes. Quality stuff, yes it is.

I went to go see another performance today by my dear brother. This time it was a chamber concert in a church. Imagine my surprise when I saw our old fifth/sixth grade teacher there with her mother. My dad had invited her, unbeknownst to me and possibly the brother. Anyhow, I hadn't seen this lady in quite a while. The last time I had seen her was at a luncheon for my old fourth grade teacher, who was leaving the district. This was a while ago...lets that same luncheon Ms. Boss Lady (a term often used by Poker to refer to the woman who had hired me) had asked me to come work for her at Kills U Month Ofter Nonth. This was over a year before I started blogging. This was quite a while before I started talking to Irv, so you can imagine how long ago this was. Well, it was nice seeing her.

Went to Nishi today, as always. Mogy left early because she had to go give some speech in Japanese (kudos to her). Morsel and I split a two dollar chocolate bar (takai ne?) after class. Oh yeah, I went out to dinner and tried chicken fried steak because me, Morsel, and KQ were talking about it while bummin outside the temple kitchen. He said it was pretty good with gravy on it. I told him I had never tried it before. He said I should try and get the people over at Pippin to make it for me. Har har har. Good one KQ.

KQ: They'll probably get you, like, a hamburger patty or something.

Me: Yeah, and deep-fry it.

The other day P had walked into the room while I was reading. He asked me if I was reading for class and I told him "No." He was somewhat surprised that I was reading for pleasure. Reading is good. Indeed. Which reminds me, the mom just gave me a gift card for B. Dalton. Woohoo. Time for more book buying. What's next on my list? Perhaps Women of the Silk by Gail Tsukiyama and/or God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. We'll see.

Speaking of the mom, she wants to go to Disneyland tomorrow. The Happiest Place on Earth. My dad and brother can't go, so I shall keep her company. Let us all hope that it doesn't rain.

People, people. Catholicism is just another form of Christianity. All Catholics are Christian. Thank you for your time.

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These days have been stretched. Stretched as in loooong and uneventful. I wonder if people can exhaust their fun. I've had some fun, but I haven't been fun in weeks, months. I just feel bad for all the people around me who've been exposed to my recently self-discovered drabness.(2/03/2001)

During my perusal of m a r s (which I reccomend to all of you bored people out there because she keeps an interesting journal) I came across that whole...paragraph that described how I have been feeling. Ennui, people. Anyway, I haven't been too much fun lately. Unfortunate that this un-funness had to kick in right when I was supposed to be meeting and greeting and showing the world what a fun person I am. Fo sheezies. I need to get out more, find people who are like me, y'know? I mean, lets see...I've been to just as many halls in MC as ME, which is rather sad since I live in MC. Three halls each. Oh wait a second...didn't XL take me across the junction between her hall and the adjoining....? Refresh my memory please. If so, make that four for ME. And I don't even live there. I am such a loser. It's just not in me right now. It makes me so tired/I feel so uninspired. More or less...yeah.

Anyhow, I'm still going through her site. I had run across it about three years ago and visited sporadically. She signed my guestbook recently so I went to go see the site again...and the rest is history. I moved her up onto my "frequent visits" list on the links page, and she has earned a spot on my toolbar favorites. So yes, that would be my plug for the day. Quality stuff.

We have to register for classes again this month. I laugh at you who are agonizing over what to take. Thanks to my awesome major I've got everything more or less laid out for me. I'm a quarter behind. Curs-ed me who decided to go undecided instead of being decisive and declaring. No matter...I'm not planning on failing.

I would like to take a flute class sometime this year, if it is at all possible. I highly doubt it though. I don't even know if they have flute classes. Even if they did, I'll bet that you'd actually sort of have to know how to play in order to take the class. Curs-ed me and my lack of skill.

I have nothing more to write now. I'll be back later though...I can almost guarantee that. Curs-ed me and my boredom.

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Making a quality weekend update. I've got you babe.

Anyhow, I feel pretty eh right now. Nothing interesting really.

I saw Mighty Mouse at the mall today w/ his sister. Amazing. We go to the same school and I haven't seen him there (well..I might have but I'm not sure) and then I see him at the mall. Go figure.

Nothing to say, except the fact that I'm laughing viciously and viciously laughing (viscuously laughing hahah now that would be interesting....intereting it would intereting as protting demises...anyway....)

I'm out like I'm out.

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They really don't make movies like they used to.

After all those musicals that we watched in English post-exam...*gah* That was some quality stuff.

Apes loves musicals. They don't make those anymore. Well, except maybe Moulin Rouge which was supposed to be some sort of weird trippy musical-type thing. I wouldn't know, neither would she. Neither of us have seen it (XL would be appalled...hahah...well I dunno about that but she's seen it about a gabillion times). We've got to rent it one day.

Which reminds me...I need to bring some DVDs with me when I come back next week.

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Poor Apes...she ain't feelin too hot. I've got the window open to bring down the room temp and to get the aire circulating. No quiero estar enfermo. Correct me if my español is wrong beyond words.

I don't know when my essay is due. I don't feel like doing it. *gah*

Oh yeah, Damy took me to Jack in the Box yesterday afternoon, so I got my fries in the middle of the week instead of over the weekend like I usually do. Nice change =D Went to Diedrich later that night for coffee. Sat there until closing again, but it was crowded so we wound up sitting outside. It's getting mighty cold here in Irvine.

I've been promising a new journal entry, but I don't know if it's going to be happening anytime soon.

I saw this girl while I was walking to the student center. I saw her out of the corner of my eye and she looked a lot like Sunflower Girl. I had this sudden impulse to say "hi" to her or something. That "hi" was in my throat. I didn't say anything though. Sunflower Girl on the other hand told me that she saw someone at work who looked like me from the back. She went over and smacked her on the head. Hahah. That's quality.

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I got back about a half an hour ago. Class is horribly boring sometimes...most of the time. Okay so it isn't that bad. The bio is familiar. Yes. Good stuff. I'm hungry.

My days are rather boring. Nothing especially exciting happens to me, but I'm down with that. I make everything exciting. I love making a huge deal over retarded little things. All in fun, of course. Hahah...which reminds me...I was looking at last night's (more like this morning's) blog and thought about how horribly malevolent I sound. I'm not, really. I'm usually pretty tolerant and stuff...there are just a few things that really tick me off. So yeah, someone sort of made me tick. I'm not mad or hateful, just annoyed. So I talk. That's it. I talk. Well, that's not a good thing either, but y'know? I should really stop...hahah. I'm horrible. I'm still a nice person though (followed by the requisite happyface) :) (gotta love Leah! =D)

No really, I am. I AM NICE. Nobody's perfect, though. that's why I love Leah's frustrated blogs about being evil and all that followed by "i'm still a nice person though" muahahah. That's quality. Yesterday over mochas Damy had told me that I was subtly mean and evil. It's not so bad. Just don't make me tick =) I'm still a nice person though :)

Okay I'm gonna stop that now....

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Why...I have not blogged in a while. One day..?! Over one day! (Look at the times I've blogged) An eternity for me.

Saw Damy today and plotted the demise of...heheh. You'll see in a while...I can't put it into effect just *yet* (and I'll probably never do it but if you ask and you're part of my select inner circle of friends I might tell you). It has to do with S Squared.

I'm telling you, it's freezing here in Irvine. By my standards anyway.

I don't have anything interesting to say right now. I'm too tired.

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crack is baaaaad. stop now, when you have controoool!! :)

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Oh I TOTALLY forgot to mention...prototype is back for now...! After a looong hiatus. Anyway, it's all good.

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Quick link from Smooth&Flat: Very old school.

Which reminds me...of the ancient game of MASHI have pinned to my wall. It's I was ten or eleven or something. I'm marrying the boy of my dreams for love, living in a house, driving a lego train, having three kids. Oh, I'm gonna own a pet rock. Goood rock. There there...down boy!

I found that thing in a pile of letters and stuff. At first I wasn't sure it was mine, until I saw that one of the car options was a Lexus. I dunno...back then everyone had a limo/mercedes/ferrari (the last probably a product of mattel's Barbie muck) fetish. I, on the other had, had a thing for Acuras and Lexuses (lexi...lexii???). Go figure.

Anyway, I digress. I may post more later. Stay tuned my lovelies.

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. I remember that!! too bad they took that link down :\ BUT there is a badtz maru one *evil grin* heh heh and don't worry smelly, lust you lots :]

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*yea* for little-kelly!! :) (the brother) :) hee,, seriouslie...tell him i said congrats :)

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My brother won first place in his category...and also one of the grand prizes for his music competition (think the difference between first place and sweepstakes you fellow band nerds...) brother is quite the awesome one =)

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Blog Flashback....

"Hello Kitty sat dreaming about small pigs. One day she hoped to be a "call girl" . If I sleeps hard I can be whatever I want to be, she thought. Her parents always slept with her. One day, you could be a weak-willed, underage babysitter, said mama. Or perhaps a sewer systems engineer, added papa. I think you should be a convicted child molester and rapist just like grandpa, said grandma. Hello Kitty picked up her whips and went into the bedroom. Feeling a bit hard, she decided to make a big batch of cat-o-nine-tails and leather handcuffs for her family. " (11/12/2000)

Reprinted without permission. Please don't kill me Oishiri...! D= (j/m Oishiri loves me...or so I like to think...)

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Yesterday? Fairly uneventful. Took a trip to Starbucks with Apes (oooohhhh I missed her so much) and Sar. Guess who drove...? =X Yup, the Pink Pokemon herself. It's all good. We all got there in one piece =D So we stayed there for about an hour with our drinks usual. It was all good. G double O D good. Quite, quite sad. Sunflower couldn't make it.

ANYWAY...I think I'll type more when I get back to school. Home makes me sleepy yessit does.

Oh yeah...I didn't buy any books this weekend! =D Have I self-control? Yes I have. Then again...I didn't go shopping. No matter...G double O D good...

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Heheh...some person found my page using the Google search "what does s&m stand for?" Poor thing...probably didn't find out what it meant from MY page. The blog it referred to didn't contain an answer to the question. Oh well...for any of you other curious people out stands for Sadism & Masochism (thanks for lookin that up Damy =D). But that's as far as I'm going with that....

Well, I'm at home right now. I got back about a half an hour ago. Sar and I took a trip to see Simplewishes since she's back home now. She's doing fine, although her mobility is limited. We got lost on the way over there...wound up driving up and down the same street about 5-10 times (not exaggerating) trying to figure out how to get to her house. We wound up calling her twice =P Anyway, we got there, talked, watched The Replacements, talked some more, and then watched exerpts from The Family Guy. Tbone, being the good brother that he is, did a lot of the adjusting the volume getting the dvd fixing the computer sort of thing. Fo life.

I went to Jack in the Box after I dropped off Sar for dem good fries. And yes, they were very good.

Almost time for bed. I'm not on dorm time anymore.

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tengo hambre tambien.. honto ni...

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Hmmm...about time that I write something for the journal. It's been like...three weeks or something. I believe that a new entry is due.

Claro que si!

Quite, quite evident yes.

There are people outside in the common area speaking español. One of them is the cleaning lady. The other...I have no idea who he is =\ Hmm...bleh. Tengo hambre. Should I go to commons...? HmmMmmMM....

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*yea* kelly!!! @ least one of us did well... :P :) good job!! :) you want another pint? :P :)

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I whipped absolute booty on my midterms =) Time for a B&J's celebration (the ice cream you sickos...)

Oh...there was a post by miss Oishiri that I missed. Interesting phonebook combo thingimajiggers!!! Woooohoo!

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Okiedokie I'm here. Yesterday was...yesterday. I had an eight o clock class yesterday and I was REALLY tired for whatever reason. OH yeah all the sprinklers were on when I was going to I had to take a slightly different route. Stupid stupid stupid. It drizzled the night before. So yeah, I went back and slept until ten or ten thirty or something. I showered and bummed for a while then Apes and Skim came by and we went to commons. Went back...Damy came by and stuck around for a while. I went to go meet Apes at the library at seven so we could go to Middle Earth to eat, but Damy doesn't have a meal plan and didn't want to pay seven/eight bucks for commons food (understandably). So Apes and I went to Pimpin (Brandywine closes too early..bah) for some foodstuffs. You know what I really don't get? Why they play music in Pippin...and then play music videos for different songs at the same time. I mean...I'm hearing Usher on the speakers and watching Alien Ant Farm on the TV consoles. Genuis.

Met Damy at the library and got some good mocha at Diedrich's. Goood stuff. I prefer it over Starbucks mocha. I also got The Brother and Apes mints because they like the cool tins =D Anyway, Damy and I sat and talked until closing. Fricken..over three hours. But it was cool.

If you're wondering whether college students dress up for Halloween...well they do. And it seems to be more the older students if anything. The thing is...if you go to Diedrich's you won't find anyone you know. If you're a freshman, that is. It has more of a grad student atmosphere. Anyway, there were some interesting costumes there...a whole slew of cross of the employees--a big guy (both ways) with loooong hair and mustache/beard--was in a robe and slippers. There were a bunch of other costumes too...I mean most of the people who walked in while we were sitting there were dressed up in some way or another.

So anyway, I went back to my dorm at around twelve/twelve thirty. Talked to one of XL's dorm friends. He knows Qboy! Quite quite awesome. Anyway, after I found that out I realized that I hadn't talked to/seen Qboy in ages so I IMed him con mucho gusto. He's doing quite nicely but doesn't like his job. Poor baby.

I did jack yesterday...*gah* I've got some revising/reading/writing to do today...roomie is going to be out for a's all good.

Maybe I'll nap later. Heheh...and maybe I'll do some reading. I've really got to read all those books I bought....=X I'm NOT going to buy any this weekend....maybe...hahah. Okay...I'm out like an out.

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unless you're a pig, then you'd be a cannibal and eat the human part. pigs are cammibals don't you know.

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Ape: That's right there's something wrong with you! You're a fish that's what!

Me: What are you talking about?

Ape: This song (plays song from "Little Mermaid") I mean hel-lo!!

Me: Daaayum straight! From the waist down you're edible!!!

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