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So I bought the Guster album "Keep it Together" and for some reason, although I do like a few of the tracks on it (Careful, which is pretty-ish :) and Amsterdam, Huntz and Brian's song, to name a couple) I don't like it as much as Fever to Tell. Something about the catchiness of the guitar and/or how Karen O sounds completely insane but at the same time utterly feminine when she sings/screams (those of you who thought I was being redundant when calling her "feminine" and "insane" I am going to bash your face in beg to differ) kinda gets me.

* * *

My dad told me about the unpleasant run-in with soju during his business trip years and years ago over dinner (spaghetti and riesling) Sunday evening. My dad drinks very infrequently, and when he does it's only a glass of wine or a can of beer, so he was no match for the seasoned Korean businessmen he was doing business with. My poor (very plastered) dad ended up running to the bathroom to hurl after downing 10 shots of soju...heheh. I think that during that same trip he discovered that Korean businessmen dance with each other which was something I'm sure he was not expecting and took a nasty fall on some stairs one rainy night causing his entire forearm to turn into one gigantic bruise. Plus he ended up not getting a contract for the project he was interested in, so all in all perhaps not the most fantastic business trip.

We did start going out to eat Korean food much more often after he came back, though, so I suppose it worked out for me quite nicely :)

* * *

Not to worry, Vegas pictures are in the works. It takes time to crop and write, you know.

* * *

sidenote: am wondering whether i'm becoming kind of sort of unpleasantly opinionated


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"The momentum for a change in the national policy on abortion is going to come in the not-too-distant future," said Rep. Roger W. Hunt, a Republican who sponsored the bill. To his delight, abortion opponents succeeded in defeating all amendments designed to mitigate the ban, including exceptions in the case of rape or incest or the health of the woman. Hunt said that such "special circumstances" would have diluted the bill and its impact on the national scene.

Defeated exceptions that help preserve the health of a mother? What kind of monster would do that?!

I am staunchly pro-choice, but for the most part I see why the opposing side believes in its cause. I believe that they are interested in the welfare of another human life. But when something like this comes up, it makes me wonder what the hell they're really trying to do. I wonder if Roger W. Hunt would be so delighted if it was his daughter (I don't know if he has any but let's just say) whose health was jeopardized.

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co-worker: i don't know any spanish. all i know is español.

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Pho is the best thing for a hangover ever. Something about that broth plus noodles combination was able to erase my post-vodka nausea in Vegas. Old library coworker Rob had once told me about pho's wonderful hangover-curing properties, but this was before I had started drinking so I didn't think about it much until I discovered myself exhausted and ill that one Saturday morning in December. Luckily my friends indulged my craving and we went in search of Vegas pho. I am eternally grateful :) photos are coming soon :D

Need: pumps that my narrow heels won't slip out of when I am walking.

Need: to lose 5-10 pounds.

Need: to figure out when I will be able to see Brian next!

Need: to put CDs in my car where they belong (currently: Postal Service in Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Yeah Yeah Yeahs in Guster, Gusten in CD player, Alicia Keys all over the place)

Need: to start!

It's only 8:30ish though. Maybe 10 more minutes....

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Warning...long and somewhat serious entry. My advice is to skip down to the pictures...they're a little easier to chew and swallow ;P

Moving on...

It's been two weekends since I'd been at Nishi...which is quite a long time actually. The first weekend I was up north for v-day weekend and the subsequent week Brian was down. Anyhow, thanks to basketball season, it was the first time in over a month that I had anyone in my class (yes, I am a Sunday school teacher strange as it sounds) and it was time to get down to business the way I probably should have at the beginning of the school year. I asked the two girls why they came every week.

Now, I knew the answer to that question. It was, however, a question that I always asked all of the classes I'd taught in the past. It helps me assess the characters and attitudes of my students and gives me something to go on. Anyway, as I was saying, I knew the answer to this question: because they were made to do so by their parents. Which set them up for my next question: do you like being Buddhist? Response: Yes. Question: Why? One of the girls, the one who had spent most Sundays almost completely mute watching me with a sullen, bored, and almost contemptuous look on her face, immediately shot back at me "Because Christianity is too uptight."

As it turns out, this particular girl (let's call her M) has a friend who claims that she cannot be friends with anyone who is not Christian (she has not told this "friend" that she is not Christian) and another friend who more or less constantly imposes her own Christian beliefs onto her and has gone so far as to give her a Bible, which is currently sitting virtually unopened in M's drawer. As a result, this impressionable 13 year old is now convinced that Christianity (both Protestant and Catholic I'm guessing) is a religion that brainwashes its followers and is meant to dictate your life. After telling her that she may want to crack open that Bible someday, it being one of the most influential and highly referenced pieces of literature in history (I don't think she believed me), I tried to soften her view a bit by explaining that not all Christians are like that, but she seemed disinterested in most of what I had to say ;P You know 13...that age is a hotbed for attitude. I didn't beat the issue to death since their attention spans were beginning to fade, but the brief discussion left an odd taste in my mouth. I have been lucky never to have encountered such closed-mindedness in my circle of friends anytime in my 22+ years of life but I've seen it happen to others. My dad's exasperation at being told "I'll pray for you!" of the nicest people I've ever known being told that he's going to hell by his aspiring preacher friend...what's going on here? What good is all this proselytizing anyway? I mean, what it does is create people like M (who I hope will broaden her horizons as she gets older, for her generalizations are a bit too extreme in my opinion) who has clearly formed an extremely negative opinion of the religion as a whole.

Religion is a tricky thing...I think that religion exists to make people feel better about their lives. Each person needs to find something that is right for them, even if it's agnosticism. Problem is, many feel that what is right for them has to be right for everyone else. With that kind of thinking everyone is wrong in somebody's eyes. Fortunately not everyone thinks this way. Unfortunately, some still do. That's just my two cents.

* * *

On a lighter note...

Here are some more photos from NorCal. It's going to be a bit of a mishmash but it's better than nothing, no?

Day 1 Our Arrival

Aaron, April and I flew into Oakland on the last flight out of John Wayne. We were actually running a bit early (amazingly). That particular night consisted of a lot of wining and...wining. Went to bed relatively early since we wanted to get an early-ish start the next morning :)

Day 2 Napa!

The Car

We left sometime in the morning...not too late...I forget when. We had frozen waffles with honey and butter for breakfast =X. On the way over we played Mad Libs, a form of entertainment we first utilized in Hawaii this past summer :)

Domaine Carneros

The first winery we hit was Domaine Carneros, a pretty chateau on a hill that specializes in sparkling wine. It's a nice winery in Napa, which meant lots of limos, including a very selfish silver limo that decided to take up a billion parking spaces (see Aaron shaking his fist at it?)

After our mini-tour and an educational video, we sat outside and ordered two consisted of three reds and the other of three sparklers. The reds were okay...the sparkling wines were excellent. They sell the blanc de blanc cheap at Trader Joe's (around $17-18) so I may pick up a bottle one of these days :) Oh, look at that photo of the hill. Those are fake sheep...all white and one black :D I'm not usually a fan of the cutesy but this was funny. If you're wondering what the heezy is going on in the last photo, that's Brian and Aaron pretending to be a driver and passenger in one of the extra long parking spaces reserved for buses.

V. Sattui

Ah, the land of the free tasting (not just wine, cheese too!) and extensive deli. They also have a nice picnic area with tables. A bit muddy, but what can you do?

Their sweet wines are tasty. I brought back a bottle of off-dry riesling for my parents (my mom only likes sweet wines...I don't think she cared for the Bonny Doon dry riesling I brought home for Thanksgiving) and a bottle of their muscat for myself. Remember that time last year when I was craving a white wine? It was the muscat. It's a nice dessert wine, very light, very sweet. Only sold at the winery. And online. We bought a bottle of their off-dry riesling and some cheese (Aaron got aged gouda, Brian got a triple cream and a small tub of their omega good cream cheese) and broke out our wine glasses and ice chest with the prosciutto and crackers on the picnic grounds right outside of the building.


Next stop, Esquisse. I was a little tipsy from our riesling picnic and my tasting was not so much a tasting but more of a drinking...Esquisse is a tiny winery with a water fountain out front. Tasting is $5 for three wines that you choose off of a tasting list. This worked out well for April who was trying to, for the most part, avoid red wine.


Umm...if you want a somewhat more detailed account (or more photos, at least) of the restaurant we went to go here. I'm too lazy to write about it again :)

* * *

*whew* Okay. That's enough for tonight. I still have one more day unaccounted for but this entry is horribly horribly long as it is. More later, maybe.

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buy buy buy!!!!!

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congratulations to brian who got acceptances from both nyu and usc this week <3

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We were driving down MacArthur after one of our afternoon beach trips during the summer before our senior year. We were about to turn on Bison when April asked me "On a scale of one to ten, how happy would you say you are?"

I thought for a few seconds. "Hmm...a seven I think."

"Seven? That's pretty good."

It was. It was my last summer as a student and I knew it. I was so "in the moment". I was happy and lucky and I knew it. I was living in my Newport Beach apartment with three absolutely lovely girls (although I believe one was in England at the time) just a short drive from some beautiful beaches and my boyfriend at the time was "behaving". The only thing really weighing on my mind at that point in time was a math class I wasn't doing too beautifully in. I only had three classes to take in the upcoming fall quarter and I was finally going to get a chance to tutor, something I'd been wanting to do for a while. Things were good and I knew it, and I knew it so I was able to appreciate it, a rarity for me.

Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and tell myself not to worry and that things will be okay.

I would tell my ten-year old self that middle school is going to be a bitch but that was as bad as things were going to get, it's all uphill from here.

I would tell my twelve-year-old self that a new school takes a little getting used to and not to worry, things will fall into place next year.

I would tell my fifteen-year-old self that things are going to get tough academically in the upcoming year, but the sadness will lift. You won't feel this way forever.

I would tell my 17-year-old self, unhappy as a result of college applications, that the whole college admissions thing will work out. Don't worry. Oh, and don't let that stupid boy get to you because he's bad for you. BAD.

At the end of each quarter I would tell my college student self to breathe, it's over. It really is. Now relax.

And finally, I would tell my freshly 21 year old self to a) appreciate your age. Once you turn 22 it's all downhill. b) lay off the sauce sometimes because if you don't, that 98lbs you see on the scale will be no more and boy oh boy will it be a fight to get it back down.

On the same token, I wish someone could tell me now, with full confidence, that things will be okay. Because sometimes it really feels like they won't be. Because I know that things don't always turn out well. People fall and people fail. I've been relatively lucky so far. It's not something to be taken for granted. I wonder...?

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happy 23rd stephanie :)

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Ughhh at work early again. Except this time I got here at around 7:20 and not 8:20. Unfortunately, it's a bit weird to leave the office at 4:30PM so I will in all likelihood be doing a nine hour day not including lunch (which would make it a 10 hour day which is what I did yesterday). Eep.

Brian is leaving today which makes me supersad. Long distance is a bitch.

What do you consider long distance? I would say that if it would be either inconceivable or somewhat insane for you to go out to your significant other's just for an hour or two for, say, dinner (or whatever) then it is long distance. If it is inconceivable or somewhat insane to go to your significant other's residence on a weekly basis it is probably long distance. Those are just my standards.

Translation: 50 miles is NOT long distance unless your fastest mode of transportation is a horse and buggy. Or your bike. Or your feet. But, again, those are just my standards.

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I just ate a Vosges Balsamico truffle. Dark chocolate, roasted Sicilian hazelnuts, 8 year old balsamic vinegar. YUM. I am now worth $2+ more than I was 5 minutes ago.

No more Vosges posts; coworker and I just polished off the last of the truffles :(

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i think i'm sad?

are YOU strong enough to be my man?

i'm thinking about my doorbell.

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So as it turns out I had to switch from SFTP to FTP for whatever reason...and because blogger was acting up on Friday my post and all those comments were lost. Oh well, shikatagani right?

At least it's publishing.

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yum yum yum

They've opened one at Puente so I don't have to drive superfar to pick some up for my mom's birthday. She loves those things and so do I.

choux creme == love

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Okay...just want to see if this poops works.

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Haut Chocolat

So one of my coworkers went to Vegas this past weekend...and brought back a yummy box of dark chocolate truffles for the office. I tried the Absinthe truffle. Tasty, but I couldn't taste the anise? For some reason he left the box (and all of the packaging) on my desk. I don't know why. My guess is because he's evil. I am tempted to eat the six remaining truffles.

Had a superfull weekend. Friday was spent at Diamonds in Brea with a jillion people that I don't know. Saturday we hit up the Loft which is an extention of Highlands. Sunday Brian and I spent in for the most part, not leaving the apartment until seven-something to catch a movie at the Spectrum. More on my weekend later...the server is not accepting connections for now ;P

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Stolen from Damon who stole it from Derek who probably stole it from someone else. Remember when we used to send all these suckers via email? Ah, those good old days.

Four jobs I've had:
1. Kumon assistant
2. PSAT workshop section leader
3. MRC bitch
4. Current: software engineer :D

Four movies I can watch over and over:
1. Closer (don't you just looOOove the cybersex scene? HA!)
2. Amelie
3. Garden State
4. Y Tu Mama Tambien

Four Places I've Lived:
1. S. San Gabriel
2. Irvine
3. Newport Beach
4. Tustin

Four TV Shows I Love:
1. Sex and the City!
2-4. Umm....I don't really watch TV actually....?

Four Places I've Vacationed:
1. Hawaii
2. Pittsburg :)
3. Florida
4. Remember the summer Tahoe/Vegas/Mammoth/SF/etc etc trips?

Four of my favorite dishes:
1. Korean soft tofu with a side of bulgogi MMMMM (I have a craving)
2. Japanese curry
3. Ravioli in some sort of tomato/tomato cream sauce.
4. Carne asada fries (it's been waaay too long...)

Four sites I visit daily:
1. Gmail
2. sitemeter
3. Yahoo! mail
4. me :)

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. At my warm apartment w/ the bf
2. Eating one of the aforementioned dishes.
3. Any of the aforementioned places I've vacationed.
4. Sleeping.

* * *
I cooked this morning =\ That is so freaking weird.

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Brix (pronounced bree NOT bricks!!) is a tasty place to eat...too bad I was too un-sober to really appreciate it ;P I was tipsy and tired when we got there, only to be made even more tipsy by the glass of sauvignon blanc (I think that's what I got) I ordered with my food.

We got an omega delicious appetizer to share. Wild mushroom tortellini in a chardonnay cream sauce sooooo good. Unfortunately there were about five pieces so we didn't get much =X We should have gotten two. Oh well. I got pan-seared sole with pureed potatos and spinach with a lemon butter sauce. So. Freaking. Good. The boys got steaks and potatoes. I ate most of one of Brian's potatoes (oops). We all shared a walnut cheesecake with brandied cherries after dinner...I was so stuffed.

And now I want food again gahhhhh.

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brian check your email =\

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 11:04 AM

I knew my tastes were getting older when I started to like sashimi. And kimchee. In fact, I think most of the time I would prefer a small plate of kimchee to something like a brownie. Keep in mind that just a couple of years ago I did not eat kimchee at all.

Brian is coming down today :)

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Happy Valentine's Day!

A happy Valentine's to the one who is still with me even though I am, by most standards, a certifiable pain in the ass.

So perhaps now is a good time to declare explicitly what exactly is going on here. I have a boyfriend. His name is Brian. We "officially" became a couple on May 5, 2005 (no excuses for forgetting that one, buddy). We're doing the long-distance thing. Difficult, yes, but 400-500 miles is doable.

The whole idea of us being together is still slightly bizarre to me when I really think about it, but I'm getting used to the idea. I'm also becoming better accustomed to his traditional brand of romance. I believe I have mentioned this before...before him I've never really gotten flowers from a guy that I actually liked. So yes, thank you for the past nine months and nine days and I'm sorry for constantly forgetting our monthly anniversaries...however you do too so I don't feel too badly, and I suppose you don't either since I forget as often as you do. As long as we remember the important ones (one year, two year, etc) it's all good. Thank you for coming down to see me, thank you for giving me wakeup calls because I'm hopeless when it comes to waking up sometimes, thank you for not yelling at me even when I really probably deserve it, thank you thank you thank you.

* * *
On a related note, this is the first Valentine's in a while that I won't be celebrating on the day yes, I am alone this Valentine's. So is the price I pay for long distance. Last year, however, I had two lovely girls to spend the evening with :)

I think I may be porkchopping it today. Romantic!

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Back to a mundane Monday. I am completely exhausted--my flight was delayed due to a problem with the electricity (we were all ready to take off when suddenly we stopped--and the "three or four" minute repair turned into a fifty minute delay) and I feel bloated from all the food consumed over the weekend. It was a good weekend, though :) It just went way too fast.

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sidenote: yay we're leaving in 7 hours :D

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Pin (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
Crash (Gwen Stefani)
Heavy Metal (Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah)
Girl (Destiny's Child)

Coworker gave me a bunch of B-side and live Yeah Yeah Yeah tracks :D

A couple of weekends ago (Korean night at Luna and Opus) I saw Duane for the second time and very tipsily told him that his stuff is great and asked whether I could somehow get a hold of some of his tracks. He gave me the URL for a site where I could get his mp3s and I (amazingly) remembered it.

Go here and look up Duane Koh and download his stuff. Now.

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This is where I used to live!!!

Except I was 3801 and not 3900. Close enough!

I'm eating spongebobs right now. Yay.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 9:29 AM

i got little individually packaged carrot sticks at the grocery store...i love those things. the only ones they had, though, had spongebob squarepants printed on the packages :(

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my favorite favorite favorite jeweler

aghhh i love just about freakin' EVERYTHING in the bingbang collection

helloooo piles of chains, piles of pendants, lots and lots of metal

too bad none of them are practical purchases...for someone like me, anyway.

someday, when i have a bit more spending money ;P

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i found another egg-looking scrubby in my hair.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 6:06 PM

I need to update.

I haven't had too many interesting things to say as of late.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 12:03 PM

ughhhhh too much alcohools.

on the upside, we found a dart place in brea!

photos later...from my new sd450 :D

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daddy called to tell me that my new camera came in today which means i'll have it for our napa trip <3

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 12:31 PM

there is no room in this world for slow people :(

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 5:17 PM

i think i'm going to start putting up old (one year...two year...etc) photos that i never posted...

in due time. i'm working on it.

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congratulations to mr. yale. you worked superhard and totally deserved to get in :D please don't go :(

yay to the blue-eyed breeeezy who just moved into his new place *yarr*

and yay for cheap porkchops on tuesdays.

and YAY for napa next week <3

* * *

yesterday: dave and buster's w/ co-workers (plus coworker's low alcohol-tolerance designer friend) for beer, food, and pool.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 11:01 AM

me: he married his first cousin? eww...

d: maybe he had hot cousins.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 2:05 PM

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