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One of my parents was watching a talk show on Friday and it reminded me of this entry that I had posted a month or two ago. There was some woman on the show who was talking about dating different types of guys with different levels of attractiveness. She said that there was this one guy who she normally wouldn't give a second glance asked her out. She decided to give him a chance, and she said that he tried much harder to make her happy than any other guy she had been out with. She said (and it sounds horrible but it was probably true) that it was probably because he knew that if he let her get away, he'd have a very difficult time finding someone else. When you look around, there are a number of attractive jerks that are much more successful with the opposite sex than unattractive nice guys. Now this isn't always true, but the fact that it has any truth to it at all should tell you something.

Hung out with K for most of yesterday. Went to see a movie then went to see XL (=)) at her apartment. We watched Don't Say A Word (something I had wanted to see when it first came out but never got around to). K thought it was quite strange that I found some parts of the movie funny, but I dunno because XL was laughing too. It's just a habit. I recall that when Leah, Sunflower, Sar and I went to go see Captain Corelli's Mandolin Leah, Sunflower and I were cracking up at the beginning (although I can't remember why) and couldn't stop. It's all Leah's fault. It's always his fault.

You know, it just dawned on me that Yale Guy is the only guy I know that can unflinchingly say whether a guy is attractive or not. Most guys say "I don't know I don't look at guys!"


(link) Midori | 0 comments | 2:19 PM

DMan: (referring to the first time I talked to him fall quarter) You weren't fat back then, were you?
It was a looong day today, starting with work. So many of our students left for an AP bio meeting that Yale Guy, SD Girl and I put our classes together and had fun with vocab, let them go early, and spent about 15-20 minutes drawing on my whiteboard.

DMan came up to come see me and Apes today =) It was quite the awesome night. Haven't seen the DMan in a couple of weeks. Went to Old Town Pasadena and ate and chilled, embarassed Apes by being loud and obnoxious, checked out DMan's old house and school, dropped by Sar's house (she wasn't there) then met up with her later at Starbucks where DMan was going to pretend to be a stranger hitting on her but was foiled because Sar recognized him, went back to Apes house and chillaxed like mofos. I kinda wished that Sar had gone to my car so she could see her flowers in it (hehe...I told you it was in a silver car with doors...)

I'm really pretty tired right now. Gah.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 2:00 AM

Kelly is a moron

I went to the grocery store to buy a couple bags of empty calories to bribe the kiddies with and then went to Starbucks afterward for a hit of caffeine. I was a little in a rush so I just walked over to my car and used the remote entry to unlock the car. I started pulling on the handle of the car and it wouldn't open so I was like what the hell... so I locked it and unlocked it and it wouldn't open so I was like "frick!" and then I finally really looked at the car and realized that I was pulling on the door handle to the wrong silver car. My car was behind me. The car I was trying to get into was an Accord or something. The best thing was that there was this guy waiting in a truck on the other side of the Accord who was watching me try to get into the wrong car, and he must have thought I was the biggest moron because every time I pressed the lock or unlock button the lights on my car would flash behind me and I'm pretty sure he saw the lights flashing so he must have known that the car I was trying to get into was the wrong one. I was so embarassed that I just walked away.

I'm just feekin' lucky that the Accord didn't have an alarm *whew*

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 11:53 PM

For those of you who are wondering my first day of actual work went pretty well. My A group is a good one. They talk and I knew most of them. I was able to call them by name the instant they walked into the classroom. I have Scam's sister and Sunflower Girl's cousin in my class among other people.
Yale Guy and Cal Girl walk into my room at 4:05

Cal Girl: (looking at my still-full classroom) You're still in session?

Me: No. I dismissed them five minutes ago but they're still here.

D: That's because we love you too much and we don't want to leave.

Actually there were a few of them who stayed to put off basketball practice. I don't know why the others stayed. Well, except we were playing our own version of Pictionary taking words from our vocab list, one of which was the word exotic. I think there were some who wanted to stick around for that.
Me: E, since you wanted to do the word exotic so badly why don't you come up and show us how you'd do it?

E: (shifting uncomfortably in his seat) Uhh...I'd just draw...that. (points to a print of a painting with nude people that is hanging high up on one of the walls)

D: You know, exotic doesn't just mean naked people.

Me: It does for people with one-track minds.

I can think of many of those types of people ;)

I think it's good that I have something productive to do with my time. Right.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 11:45 PM

Cal girl, Yale guy and I were sharing some embarassing moments that we experienced during our high school career. Cal girl had her books sent flying over to where a group of hispanic thugs were chillaxin and she said they all pointed and laughed. I told them my running-into-the-wall story (not the same running-into-the-wall story I alluded to in the previous entry) but Yale guy had possibly the most embarassing experience. Apparently he had forgotten to tighten his speedos before diving off the block and yes--they slipped down. Now get this. He was doing the butterfly. Mental picture anyone? Heheh...anyhow he got DQed for interrupting his stroke to pull up his speedos. sad is that.

I went to the dentist today. No cavities =D But I have to go to an oral surgeon for a consultation regarding my wisdom teeth. Sounds like fun =\

K called me right when I finished my X-rays and had gone back into the waiting room. He told me that if he were my student, he wouldn't listen to me because I look like one of them. Thanks for the support K.

I've been so effin sleepy lately. I don't know what's wrong with me, but as soon as I have dinner I just want to go to bed, but I don't sleep because then I'd wake up at like freakin 10 or 11 and not be able to sleep until much later. So I stay up. And then later I can't sleep even though I didn't nap. Grr...

Caramel macchiato craving. Arr.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 9:59 PM

Went in to work today. Strictly prep. It's good though. I get the same classroom I did last year, which means I don't have to lug my stuff back and forth. I also am taking the same score group that I did last year so I don't get the top group (*relief*). The top group went to Yale guy much to the relief of the other two returning section leaders.

SD girl and I went to get fingerprinted. I wound up late to my appointment because I was going the wrong way down Imperial Highway and thank feekin god SD girl's appointment was after mine so I didn't make her late too.

I realized this afternoon that I sorta bruised my face. Well no. There's no mark so I guess it's just a little tender. I hit my face on K's car when I was reaching in to get my purse or something, but I do that like every other day so I didn't give it much thought but I guess I hit it harder than I normally do because it hurts a little now. Not as much as it did that time I ran into the wall though. That kinda sucked.

You know when I start typing one of these blog things I can't stop or I'll forget what I'm supposed to write and then I don't feel like doing it anymore. Grrr. That's why I'm cutting this one short.

I am happy to be working again. It's been too long.

I'm out like I'm out.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 12:16 AM

I just got back from The Hat and dropping off Leah. Thanks for the talk Leah. We had a long talk about college and how different--or how similar--it is to high school. Out of all the people I know, I think he got the most out of college. For too many of us, myself included, college has been high school all over again. Just bigger. It's really sad if you think about it. You'd think that we'd learn and grow and develop in college. I suppose we all have, to a certain extent, but there are just some aspects of high school that I wish had stayed in high school. The clique-ishness of high school still hasn't been left behind. Granted Irvine isn't that bad when I think about it--the people there really are nice. However I think that in general, people there are rather superficial. That and I think the frat/sorority scene is too prevalent. I think Leah has really grown and thrived at Santa Cruz, whereas I think the only thing that has happened for me was that I've been nudged a little closer to azn-dom, and that bothers me because that isn't where I want to be and it certainly isn't where I want to end up. But although I know where I don't want to be, I really don't know where it is that I do want to be.

Time will tell. I still have three/four/ten years to go. If you notice me becoming more and more shallow and/or snotty please slap me.

T and DMan: Thanks for caring. I'm sorry for being such a stubborn ass, but sometimes I really can't help it. Especially when it's late.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 2:56 PM

Happy Birthday You Old Fart!

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 12:32 AM

My dad is asking me why there's a CD player in the fridge. Its not mine. Its my brother's. He wanted the watermelon to wear his earphones.

Don't ask. I really don't know.

Oh yeah he kicked some major arse on the SATs. 1530 baby!

Doesn't that frighten you?

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 12:15 AM

Oh yeah some stuff I was thinkin about last night.
I Like...

Lois-Ann Yamanaka
The Patriot
Bottled Frapps
Diedrich mocha

I Love...

Banana Yoshimoto
Starbucks Doubleshot
Starbucks caramel

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 11:29 PM

Congrats SHS c/o 2002!

Quite frankly I don't care I wasn't all that close to any of the people in that class but yeah, congrats anyway. We got there late but we didn't miss much, and if you must know the truth it was a lot more fun after graduation at Starbucks and the gas station. Oh how lame do I sound.

Saw Me Too among other people. Turns out she didn't know the whereabouts of You after LACHSA either, so I told her about the whole deal with Dirty D and DJ and how they went to school with her and such.

But I digress.

My brother is now trying to bore me to death. It is quite easy to tune him out.

The Brother: (drawing out the Toyota logo) This is the Toyota logo right?

Me: No. It's a Previa logo.

The Brother: Really? No wait....really?

Me: Yeah seriously, didn't you know? Look at any Previa and you'll see it!

The Brother: Well I didn't knoooooww.....

Yeah, my brother is effin brilliant.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 11:14 PM

What was that last book called? Harry Potter and the Chamber Pot or something?

That's a toilet

I thought that sounded kind of funny...

Kelly's laughing at you.

My parents are weird.

I think I ran a red light today. I hate all this road construction! =(

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I have no idea what's wrong with me. I swear I got enough sleep last night but I still crashed at around seven...and woke up at around ten.

I feel like watching a DVD but I don't know what we have.

I'm feeling as if I'm in a bit of a slump right now. This whole time-in-a-blur thing just isn't working for me. That plus I feel like sleeping all the time. Damn me.

My old high school is having its graduation tomorrow. I'm wondering whether I should go or not. I wasn't particularly close to anyone in the graduating class this year.

Which reminds me I've got to go do something with Morsel and Juniper's grad gifts (i.e. wrap them).


(link) Midori | 0 comments | 10:21 PM

Okay so summer has been passing in a blur I don't know what the heck I've been doing but I have the oddest sensation of being busy when I don't think I really have been anyhow I don't need a TB test (woohoo!) and I have to go to Downey to get fingerprinted so I'm going in at 10:30 and I'm going to take SD Girl with me because her appointment is at 11 and our replacement for Stanford Guy is going to be Yale Guy (cursed brilliant underlings) so yeah we saw him at the district office making a fingerprint appointment too so yeah there's a new Lollicup near Food City well I need to go to a Tapioca Express or something fairly early one of these days because that chicken that K gave me was pretty good and Sar said that they had fried tofu there yeah that sounds good right so anyway I grabbed a quick cup of coffee last night with Sar, Sunflower, Leah and Oishiri (who's back!) and Sunflower had a little coffee mixup so Oishiri wound up getting a free cup =X good lordage.

And now I'm hungry.

Peace out.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 11:31 AM

Ergh it was an ugly morning at the district office. Evidently I need some sort of a title before I can be put on file--and I need a file if I want to get paid this summer.

So anyway, I just got a call from SD Girl so I'm going to give her a ride to the district office so we can fill out some paperwork and make appointments and such for TB tests and fingerprinting because, now that we're eighteen, we are now very capable of molesting the kiddies (most of which are bigger and much older-looking than I am).

So yes, anyway, time is a little hazy for me. I'm having difficulty keeping track of what I did on which day. In fact, what is today?

I'm eating chow fun from JJ's. The noodles didn't hold up too well.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 10:22 AM

LeahcimaR (1:42 AM): goes the lion girl ....

midori (1:42 AM): grrr

LeahcimaR (1:43 AM): look at the lion girl say her natural language to the other lion people....

LeahcimaR (1:44 AM): as we watch her in her natural habitat ... we see the behavior of the lion girl

LeahcimaR (1:44 AM): stay tuned and be sure to watch natural discovery next week to see what lion girl says next, stay tuned....

That "grrr" was my away message, btw.

If anybody wants to meet up or something let me know I don't have a whole lot to do over the summer. Sort of.

Okay time for bed yo. Peace out por vida.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 1:55 AM

So do you guys miss me yet?

I didn't think so. So anyway I met w/ Sar yesterday afternoon. We spent a little time in front of the Mac, a lot of time at the mall, some time getting coffee, and some time at the park. I got to play on the swings again =D Second time in less than a week. Anyhow we had a good chat.

Happy Father's Day

I'll write some more later perhaps. I feel rather lazy.

I need to clean my room yo. Like crazy. All my dorm stuff won't fit =\

And now it is time to watch Harry Potter w/ the Brother =)

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Okay we went to the beach today and we got a little too close to the water because we sort of miscalculated the shoreline and thought it was farther than it really was so we were standing there in regular clothes and we didn't want to get wet and this wave came and it started rushing toward us so we all sorta ran from it except I was backing away from it really fast and I was in my bare feet and I guess I got caught in the sand so I just fell backward and got a lot of sand in my pants and purse.

Don't you wish you were there.

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kelly, you're a wonderful person.. now get your ass out of the gutter and be wonderful. I don't know how effective that will be but you are a wonderful person. it's just that you refuse to believe it's so. kelly, you are smart but you tell yourself so often the opposite that you start to believe it. you're so good with computers, you're the first one I go to for help. you know so much about html and all that other jargon that I look up to you, despite you being a macmaniac :] AND you don't know how great of a friend you are.. you can always make me laugh no matter how odd or disgusting we get. you're so pretty you won't allow yourself to see that so many guys like you; not just cuz you're pretty either. they see the good in you and that's what makes you such a great person. I admire you for your intelligence (in math, bio, computers, etc.), for your humor (oh yeah baby, you know it), your talent (in music and everything else you put your hands on *nudge nudge wink wink*), your honesty, and so much more. get outta the gutter kelly. it's not a place for a person like you. you'll do fine in school. you'll meet a wonderful guy who'll treat you like the pasty-white princess you are. you'll marry that fellow and have minikellies and minifellows. you'll have a great family of your own, not to mention a high-paying career. you'll be just fine.. and if you ever fall into a rut, you have many friends who'll help you out. just trust people. take care kelly. hope to see you and the rest of the gang soon.

(link) steph | 0 comments | 12:47 AM

Here I am again, moved back home where I belong.

Thanks to Apes for being the absolute best roommate in the world to Suite 203 for accomodating me at odd hours and letting me use their study area when my own was otherwise occupied =\ to DMan for staying up waaay too late when he didn't have to to DMan and Anorexic D for telling me I'm 50-100 lbs overweight (thanks guys) to P and Dirty D for generously lending everyone their room to DJ for bringing coffee, cookies and his guitar (or any guitar for that matter) to Damy for always looking out for me to V for showing up to discussions when no one else but me would (in 21 and 22 =X) to Flute J because she's an awesome flute bud and because she's one of the few female friends I've found this year to Scam for first and second quarter movie nights and popcorn and food to T for making me laugh with his pimp walk and such to miss XL for listening to my evil guy blather to K who I've known for quite a short time but is a very cool guy nonetheless to UJ for scaring the hell out of me (j/m) and for when he makes Apes smile to Bubble Boy because he is going to stay in ICS because I told him he has to (if you're reading this you know who you are mistah) to all the band people who made me feel quite welcome in Davis =) and oh lord I got less than four hours of sleep last night (sorry DMan) so I'm probably forgetting a mess of people/places/things nouns but dang...dang. What can I do foo.

I'm out like I'm out...forreals.

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Check this out and tell me what you think ;)

Something tells me that the guys will appreciate it more than the chickees =X

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 8:03 PM

Sorry about all the moodiness in that last post. There is truth to it, but I am feeling much better now.

For those questions that I posted a while ago...well I had answers to them. But in all honesty I'm am feeling pretty exhausted right now. So I'm just going to answer the last one for now.

No....I don't fear death. When you really think about it, the only reason to fear death is because you really don't know what comes afterward. If you don't believe in an afterlife (which I don't) then...why should you? Maybe you could fear the pain and suffering that may be associated with death, but not death itself.

Not very eloquently stated, but I think you know what I mean. I'll post my thoughts on the other two situations later.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 3:32 AM

Self-evaluation. Yet another. And still no better.

Sometimes I pick up the old journals I used to keep, old letters, notes. It's amazing how much has changed over the years. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. But it doesn't really matter anymore, because I feel like I've lost everything.

Not everything in a material sense, I haven't lost anything tangible. In fact, I probably haven't lost everything, it just feels that way.

I guess it just feels that way you lose hope, that little "feathered thing". What really brought on all this was college applications, and since then it has been growing. When I was asked to define myself and I had no answer. When I was asked about plans for my future and I had no answer. When I was asked to describe my virtues and I had no answer. Since then, my self-respect, self-acceptance even, has been declining.

I've been trying to convince myself that I don't need anyone, and I think it's working. I never liked having anyone come too close to me, anyway. However, it's also made me wonder about what my life will be like ten, twenty, thirty years from now. That's where I really feel I have lost. I used to have so many plans for my future, but the desire to carry them out has faded. I wanted to get married, have kids, have a job. Now? All I want is to have a job that would allow me to be self-sufficient. I don't even know what job. I've lost confidence in myself. These past four years have done nothing but prove that I'm not as good, smart, talented, etc, as I thought I was. I used to think I was some sort of "academic Raskolnikov". Based on what? My supposed intelligence. Something I've grown to doubt. Something I've grown to resent.

All this time, I thought that I would become more sure of myself as I got older. Isn't that what is supposed to happen? Instead, I regressed.

And it just hurts so much.


Written over a year ago and it still has so much truth in it. Some things never change.

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Two finals down and one to go. Tomorrow at one. I'll be there. Gr.

Been doing some hardcore studying because I've been blowing off biology all quarter. Despite the fact that I describe it as being bio for morons, I wouldn't be surprised if I get pounded by the final =X Oh lordage.

Got some late-night mexican food from Alejandro's yesterday with DMan and T. T got shiested =\ They forgot his order.

DMan and I were talking about two very real dilemmas that people face today in a study room when we should have been--er--studying.

-Say you're a man and your wife has just become pregnant. Suppose you discover that she has a 95% chance of not making it if she decides to have the baby. Would you want her to abort the baby or would you encourage her to go through with the pregnancy?

-Now put yourself in the woman's position. Would you still want to have the baby or would you rather abort it?

One other thing we were discussing...
-Do you fear death?
What do you think?

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I find it highly disturbing that someone found my site with the search words fuck inflatable shark. There are some sickos out there....damn skippy (haha)

There is a lot I want to write, but I feel rather unmotivated as of now. I'm also planning on making a new layout sometime this summer. Hope my dry spell will have let up by then.

In the meantime, is there anyone who can hook me up with a livejournal code? Hmm...

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 8:33 PM

I must say that I rather like my results...haha...go figure =) (found on dotweezy)

Anyhow, I just got back from my math final. Finished verrry very early (less than 30 mins) so lets all hope that's a good sign...=\ I dunno.

Must study for ICS. And eat. Maybe

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 11:29 AM

I've moved out a ton of junk over the past few weeks. For the first time in ages I haven't run out of hangers =\

It's going to be a pain moving out. Dammit.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 10:15 PM


I act like I'm 23.
This test was brought to you by Mel - mostly.... Take it here.

The result of the age test frightens me. I really don't act like I'm 23. I'm just rather boring. That and I'm too fat to fit into kids' clothing =(

So what's your age....?

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 10:17 PM

Quickly updating so you won't miss me too much =)

I had a kick back day last night--finishing my project was rather relieving. So yes, I went out, went home early, and had trouble sleeping because of ten o clock coffee.

Review session today. I'm in Irvine. And I'm going to go home yet again...loaded down with stuff so I won't have to move it out on Friday.


I kind of like finals week.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 5:10 PM

Oh it's been a horrendous week...but the worst is over over over!

And then finals. Blah.

Interesting ad was pinned up on the whiteboard when I walked into my LARC session on Tuesday.

It was a fabulous day, and an even more fabulous night...
But did you share MORE
than just your love?
Below was a picture (poor-quality) of two guys in high cut speedos holding hands and walking on the shoreline of a beach. It was some sort of ad for STD testing. Syphillis and such. M.TAN (the real one...dear oh dear I'm going to miss having her as a tutor =() looked at it for a second and said "That's just wrong". K said "That's gross take it down!" so she did...and gave it to him heheh.

It was in the Inqueery...the paper put out by the Irvine Queers, I believe.

Randomness. I'm rather sleepy. Incoherent.


(link) Midori | 0 comments | 1:47 AM

Priceless! (1.8 MB asf file)

Thanks for the link Stanford Guy =D

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 5:34 PM

I really need coffee. More coffee. More and more and more.

OMG I'm so tired. So so tired....

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 3:10 PM

I feel caffeinated. It's an odd feeling, if only because I haven't had caffeine all day.

I just realized that I still haven't changed my alarm clock. It's still set an hour behind. I had just semi-woken up from a nap and took a look at the clock. Despite the fact that I could have sworn that I had been reading for 15-20 minutes after I got back from class at six--and then lay awake for some time before falling asleep--I felt a little disoriented there.

I still feel out of sorts. The rest of the hall went out for the hall dinner about 20 minutes ago. I have too much work to do so I stayed behind. I'll find something to eat later....

The way you think at night is no good in the morning
Oh good old Hemingway. I talk entirely too much.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 7:58 PM

I'm stressed out and I'm not sure why.

I don't know how to make me feel better.

I wish I knew what was wrong.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 3:23 PM

Insightful scribble by DK. Read.

Frick...we have pictures of penii all over our suite. This is the fricken second time this has happened. Argh! And this time they drew on our door with fricken marker. Frick.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 12:32 AM

I love my roomate, april is so nice and purdy

Do you know who wrote that? I'll give you three guesses =P

I'm just straight up exhausted today. Picnic today. I whipped the underlings' booties during the scavenger hunt (even though neener-face Mogy and the Brother ditched me =() and I got a $5 Jamba Juice gift certificate =D Then I went to go return Damy's parking permit. Went home. Went to another of the Brother's concerts. They played the Italian Symphony by Mendelssohn. I miss playing. I mean--really playing. I'd like to play in an orchestra again--but I'm afraid that I won't really have the opportunity to do that. Sad thought.

Check out this site. Mommy sent it to me (=)) Interesting origami. Not as interesting as body origami though (band people watch strange stuff on TV =X)

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 1:26 AM

So I keep up with the journals of people I don't even know. Is that strange?

I don't know what compells me to read other journals. My friends' journals--obvious reasons. But random people I run into on the internet? I don't know. But I know it's not just me. There are just some interesting people out there. A lot of them, in fact.

Long day today. Put over 150 additional miles onto the car. My feet have blisters all in a row as a result of walking in dress shoes I'm not used to. All my makeup feels like it's been greased over. I feel disgusting. Went from a memorial service in LA to school--to my brother's concert in Claremont. Back home then to the Carrows near my house. I missed the band potluck =( I hear it was nothing special though.

Oh yes and I found yet another David Kim. The third one I've encountered in the past six months or so. There are too many feekin Davids and too many feekin Kims.


(link) Midori | 0 comments | 1:30 AM

//selfGlorification() does what it says it does. Glorify
//the self. In this case the self happens to be me.
//If you prefer not to hear my shameless gloating I
//would advise you to just skip this post =P
public static void selfGlorification()
System.out.println("In tribute to my awesome score on my program that didn't work I am going to do a post in java =D");
System.out.println("Despite the fact that my TA spent a good 2 1/2 weeks with our programs he did not have enough time to sufficiently test them.");
System.out.println("I know this because I knowingly turned in a program with faulty output.");
System.out.println("As a result I, along with one other person, have the highest program average in the section *yesss*);
for(int i= 0; i < numOfProjects; i++)
System.out.println("I RULE =D");
//not trying to be cocky but I'm just really really happy

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