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fuck this.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 12:56 PM

i suck

Photos from yesterday...

Because I don't feel like doing anything productive...and am are a few of the photos from the show.

Left Parking structure at Triangle Square. I don't know what I'm pointing at, but I do know that I led everybody the wrong way. Right We showed up too early and ended up waiting in line for quite a while. Somehow Lyndon (center) always gets caught off-guard even when he knows I'm about to take a picture.

Left Where was this? I think we were just standing around the dance floor (where the "runway" was set up) waiting for the show to start. I don't know what Lyndon is doing. Right Lyndon's friend Julie, the one who was modeling.

Left Ahhh you could totally see through her (the model) shirt. It's less evident in this photo than it is in the full-sized one (please don't ask me for the full-sized one I'm not going to give it to you). There was another ensemble--I think it was some sort of sea-green lightweight jersey minidress--that was totally see-through. Her underwear (bikini panties) was very visible even though it was dark and my vision isn't great and I was freakin' far. Right This chick was nuts.

Left This is Julie. People kept getting in my way so I couldn't get a good photo...I cropped and adjusted this one best I could so you could actually make her out. Right Lyndon and Julie. Again, he saw the camera and still wasn't ready.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 12:54 PM

it was too sad. up until evening the best thing that had happened to me all day was discovering the evil bit in the ipv4 header. i am a loser.

thankfully, later that night i discovered that fashion shows taking place at trendy clubs + engineers do mix. oh, and btw that's why i couldn't make it out to last night's festivities...i had promised a couple of weeks ago that i'd make it out to the show...and that i'd drive. of my coworkers had a friend in the show (we had met her before she's completely adorable) so this unlikely group (me + three of my male coworkers) headed out to see the random thoughts show at sutra in newport beach. the club is actually really nice...although the dance floor is ittybitty. the bartenders were nice, there's lots of cushiony seating around the patio and the dj was decent. the place was insanely packed for a thursday, but perhaps it's because kids are on spring break + there was an event going on?

so i really, really don't feel like working. blah.

brighten my day please?

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 9:39 AM

please tell me...what do you think it means to be in love with somebody?

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 9:19 AM

on a related note, someone once made me feel retarded because i said bruce lee was part white. who was that person?

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 3:52 PM

i didn't know that naomi campbell was 1/4 chinese!

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 3:40 PM

lame's birthday is today!!!

So I was checking out our new polycom video thing and realized that I have horrible monster bags under my eyes. The polycom made them look even worse than I had previously believed them to be. How do I get rid of them? Celebrities never seem to have them. If you are a celebrity, please leave a comment telling me how to rid myself of these monstrosities.

Not that celebrities ever visit my page.

Well, actually, Kristen Kreuk once visited...and left comments!

Yeah, I'm kidding. It wasn't really Kristen Kreuk.

1) I don't think she's ever seen this page.
2) Even if she did, I don't think she'd leave one comment...let alone two
3) Even if she did visit my page and commented, I don't think they would say "Man if I was a guy and I was dating myself, I'd hit that shit like no other!" and "I think hapa girls are hotter than hapa guys. Just look at me. I'm absolutely gorgeous."

Okay I'm blathering now.

On another note, who actually reads this page (meaning you are a repeat visitor)? I'm just curious. Leave a comment down don't even need to leave your name if you don't want to :)

I feel like eating a grilled cheese sandwich. I have lots of troubles but clearly my stomach troubles are no more.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 12:18 PM

So I'd been really working/reading/being productive for a good chunk of the day. Why is it that the CTO just had to come around during the two minutes I was staring vacantly at the corner of my cube with my water bottle in my mouth?

I think I might get some cookie dough. Sugar cookie dough. Bake a bunch tonight and freeze the rest. Because as I told Brian, me gusta frozen galletas. Except I told him in English, not Spanglish.

And speaking of cookies...there are some people somewhere in the building that like to leave poop smeared in the toilet bowl. I have no idea why that happens. Perhaps the bowls are not as slick and poop-resistant as they should be. Whatever the case, it is DISGUSTING with a capital everything.

Okay, so that had nothing to do with cookies. I'm not very good with transitions.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 6:43 PM

my hair is being stupid

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 2:15 PM

i am hungry?

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 11:47 AM

this past weekend equals me flying up north (woooo except the guy next to me decided to take off his shoes for the entire flight *fjaodpfw*) and...

thank you xinlei and matt for driving out to see us even though the weather was hideous and xinlei was sneezing her brains out

thank you brian for the chocolate and rose and shopping and tickets to see rostropovich conduct shostakovich :D yay festive overture and symphony #5.

this is just a brief update...

maybe someday i'll have updates with substance

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 3:10 PM

because i'm bored...

this is an old one...don't remember the exact instructions but they're something along the lines of randomize your playlist and post the first ten songs.

jackson, janet - that's the way love goes
yeah yeah yeahs - man
weezer - hash pipe
gorillaz - dirty harry
chaka demus and the pliers - murder she wrote
fake guster (i still have no idea who really sings this) - stay this way
keys, alicia - butterflyz
crow, sheryl - first cut is the deepest
jackson, janet - again
madonna - rain

they gave us our internet back. yay.

i'm leaving early today. 6:30. yay.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 5:56 PM

oh and one more thing...what can i do with a bottle of limoncello? i've had the bottle for about a month now and i have no idea what to do with it. i've opened it just to taste it and that's about it.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 8:35 AM

okay folks

we switched networks at work yesterday and my email is now blocked. yahoo mail, gmail, etc etc, blocked blocked blocked. the network is monitored anyway so even if it wasn't blocked i couldn't really access it ;P

so yeah. i'm blogging here before i leave for work. just to let you know.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 8:16 AM

stolen from leo

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
5. Don't search around and look for the coolest book you can find. Do what's actually next to you.

blah. 123 is a page full of multiple choice questions. well that was a wash.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 1:17 PM

So I don't know if things are really better but all the headaches the tiredness the nausea and all the self-imposed drama was taking a toll on...everything? Thank goodness my workload has been lightened considerably for the remainder of the week; I haven't been able to concentrate at all.

The unexpected side effect, though, is that the scale is learning how to count backward. I weighed myself last night and realized that I somehow ended up losing 3-4 pounds over the past couple of weeks. There is a silver lining.

And you all say that I'm not an optimist.

I need to go pick up some temaki nori at Mitsuwa. Maybe during lunch since Mitsuwa is a little bit of a distance away and I need to get home to pack.

I haven't made spam musubi in over a year.

And here's a fun poem I found in my archives when looking for the spam musubi link.

ps Happy Holidays

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 10:14 AM

my stomach needs something and i think it's called peace of mind

on the upside i am no longer ballooning into an obese monster. it's about time i stopped having weird pregnant cravings.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 3:30 PM

SO since I've been feeling supremely shitty lately I went out and bought a bag that was too expensive on Saturday before heading out to Lam's new apartment for some burgers and beer. And while I hesitate to call it a luxury item (mostly because it's not) it's still more than I should have been spending on a bag but I did it anyway and you know what I don't regret it one bit.

Anyway, onto the rest of my weekend...

Hollywood on Friday night. Happy St. Patty's.

Beer, burgers, hot dogs and games back in Orange county thanks to Lam and the prom king.

Nishi and dim sum at NBC restaurant on Sunday.

More later. Maybe.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 10:10 AM

hey i'm in a room with this dude right now and he was playing for everyone but he says he can't sing right now so he's making us listen to his myspace tracks (that link up there) so you should listen to it too!!!!11

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 7:23 PM


i eat people. people named steve?

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 10:35 AM

i need to get out more. i don't really feel like it but i think i need to? get out and clear my head of things that are making it messy.

i've been having trouble sleeping but this morning i turned off my alarm when it first went off and dreamed that it was snowing in irvine and that i could see the shapes of all the snowflakes.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 4:21 PM

i feel like i'm drowning

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 4:09 PM

so i watched happiness

good movie!!!!

huntz i know what you mean by "adhesive" now. you are disgusting and does christine know what you're doing to your walls? ;(

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 8:49 AM

the lights keep turning off in here. blah.

it's almost time to go home and i am GLAD.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 6:54 PM

drunkity drunk drunk

Drunken survey thinger stolen from Neener

1. First time you were ever drunk?
October 2004 no question

2. More of a beer or liquor person:
Depends on my mood. But in general I think I'm more of a wine person.

3. What type of drunk are you?
Ergh...I get weepy from time to time (mostly around the bf) but yeah...*ahem*

4. How many on your Top 8 have you been drunk with?
I don't think I've ever assigned a top 8. I'm assuming this is referring to myspace?

5. How many on your Top 8 have you taken care of when they were drunk?

6. Favorite Drink:
A good key lime martini (good being the key word), a good beer, or a good glass of wine.

7. Beer:
Kirin or Stellaaaaa

8. Shot:
Chilled grey goose

9. Top 5 Favorite beers (if applicable):
1) Kirin Ichiban
1) Stella Artois
3) Sapporo
3) Hefenweizen
5) Corona w/ lime?

10. More of a Bar or Club person:
Depends on whether I feel like dancing

11. Alcohol you absolutely despise:
That Hennessey made me feel rather ill :(

12. Ever bought a stranger a drink:

13. Been thrown out of a bar/club for fighting?:

14. Been thrown out of a bar/club for anything else?:

15. Ever make out with someone in front of a cheering crowd:
Cheering crowd...? =\ I'm going to go with no but this is a bit questionable...

16. Most amount of money spent in one bar/club:
I have no idea.

17. Ever buy a round for random people:
Not that I'm aware of

18. Best band you've seen while drinking:
Well, unfortunately for me I missed Blink182 in Vegas ;) But I think the only band I've ever seen while drinking was that cover band playing in McGillycuddy's so by default they're the best band I've ever seen while drinking ;P

19. Ever danced on the bar/stage:
Bar, no. Stage, I guess kind of =0

20. Best town/area to drink in:
vegas, i like being able to drink while walking down the sidewalk <--haha yes that's fun. But my best experience was at 1208 people to drink w/ plus no driving! ;) Vegas is good though since everyone is drunk and you don't really have to drive.

21. Do you forget a lot of what happens during a night of hard drinking?

22. Ever been drunk around your parents?
Buzzed, yes. Drunk, hell no.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 3:13 PM

what...the hell?

i have come to the conclusion that people suck.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 4:39 PM

it may be time for some changes.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 3:12 PM


(link) Midori | 0 comments | 2:23 PM

this weekend: ucla-ed out.

spent two nights at a-days amongst future mbas who made me feel like a slacker and a half. anyway, since i was an accessory for the evening i entertained myself with the free wine. oh, did i mention that it was freezing and i was in a skirt? aghhh. i talked to a few people and everyone seemed very nice. of course after a couple of libations everyone would seem nice. i just hope my wine didn't show through for that would have been bad...for brian :( anyway we met up with his friend mary after the sunday mixer and she was also very nice. my buzz had worn off by then so i know it wasn't the wine :) we went to starbucks although both mary and i were off of coffee (her, for lent. me, for the hell of it?).

anyway, i was sitting in one of the anderson buildings waiting for brian to get out of his panel discussion thinger and this other woman sat down a couple seats away and asked "are you waiting for your husband?" i was like "well...boyfriend...yes i'm waiting" and she said "oh, yeah i'm a sig-o too" and it seriously took a second to register like "sig o? sig o? sig o?" then "oh crap yeah" dammit dammit dammit so it seems that they've shortened the term "significant other" to "sig o" which quite frankly sounds like a sorority or something which i do not care for very much. not only because of how greeky it sounds but because it's like...we're a club of significant others it's how we're defined and that's what we are and dammit it's enough to make me want to go to business school to prove that my life does not revolve around being an accessory >:| i probably wouldn't normally be as incensed but it's monday and i'm tired and cranky. pah.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 9:12 AM

Yesterday I impulsively ran out to the grocery store to get some stuff and came back and made crab bisque. Not as thick as I'd like, but I suppose I could add roux to it at a later time? I didn't eat much of it last night since it is just as bad for me as the pizza I had eaten earlier in the day so some of it is in the fridge and some is in the freezer (an experiment in itself since I don't think milk freezes too well).

Eyes are puffy for no good reason. I look like I'd been crying all last night.

Mentally spent.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 12:51 PM

yayyy i got my cd today!

and since danny told me that people actually clicked my link to buy buy buy, i'm going to post it again :)

Buy Yesan Damen - The Never Beginning Story @ cdbaby! Click click to listen to some of his tracks and buy the CD. You can also see the cover art that Huntz did for the album :)

ps. if after you buy the cd, cdbaby sends you an email telling you that they love you and sent your cd in a gold lined box and made you customer of the month, don't believe them. my cd came in a bubblewrap lined envelope with no gold in sight. just warning you now!

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 8:11 PM

must stop the water drinking i have a meeting in 25 minutes =0

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 2:34 PM

todays lunch == horrible

papa john's pizza and breadsticks...!!!

i've been pretty good for most of the week though.

yesterday we went to curry house and i didn't get katsu curry. i got soup and salad.

but still :(

i wish i was one of those who can eat tons and not get fat. i love love love food.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 2:30 PM

my pinkie nail broke and i feel sort of sad about it.

i'm waiting for my boyfriend to call me. my hair is dripping wet.

all of this makes me feel like such a girl.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 11:14 PM

Took this test again after seeing it in my archive...

The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz
The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz

HOLY POOPING CRAP it's like they know!!!!

PETPEEVEPETPEEVE: i CANNOT STAND the word expresso it's ESPRESSO you geniuses!!!!

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 6:10 PM

email from april:

"it's all so strange to think that 4 yrs ago we were talking about music and whether we'd wake up early enough to get waffles in the morning *shrug*. my my how life changes."

four years ago? march 9, 2002

sara was visiting our dorm over her spring break, i barely knew skim/skeeve/steve who had taken us (me, april, sara) to a movie (40 days and 40 nights) at the block. holy freakin' moly have things changed. i think the day this post was created was the day before the first time sara and damon were to spend time together, alone (they've been together three years as of this past january), i was very single (i still hadn't met the EX and my current bf was nothing but a distant high school memory). i was also only 18 years old, barely a legal adult. manohman. where does the time go?

* * *

coworker told me about his recent one-year performance review. i'm dreading mine, which is coming up in july. a while, yes, but the fear is still strong. coworker told me that his was about an hour and fifteen minutes. an hour and fifteen minutes?! i have the feeling that my review will be an hour and fifteen minutes of ripping me to shreds while i try not to cry in front of my boss followed by me running off to some corner to slit my wrists in privacy (jk about the wrist-slitting).

* * *

i had to pee so badly during a phone meeting today. i'm trying my best to drink my 64+ ounces of water per day but it's really taking a toll on my bladder. i think i've consumed about 9-10 cups today. and now i have to go to the bathroom. again.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 5:51 PM

new movie :D

coworker brought in the movie happiness w/ lara flynn boyle and philip seymour hoffman (among others). he warned me that it is "totally messed up" and the review on the case reads "subtly savage...evilly funny!" ahhhh i can't wait :D

it has the same messed up allure that suckered me into watching films like irreversible, see the sea (which i watched in the university main library for all to see) and all of those miike films (well, okay, four miike films).

am. hungry. my stomach is talking to me.

i bought farewell my concubine about a month ago (tower has a nice selection of foreign films and this one was only $9.99 :D) and have yet to watch it.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 10:23 AM

sooo what would YOU like to see on this blog?

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 9:46 PM

brian: that's a nice picture of the red balls

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 8:42 PM

wtf. i already bought crash.

omg. i am turning into my dad.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 8:10 PM

Las Vegas III

Friday: low-key dinner at Ledo w/ a Ray, a Steve, and a car with seatwarmers that is not an Acura Integra.

Saturday: taking quarters from kids at the yakisoba fundraiser.

Sunday: so glad that Crash and Brokeback took so many top awards :) Which reminds me, there are a ton of movies I want to buy (including Crash)

* * *

Day ONE Friday, December 16

Actually, the date was technically Saturday since I got there so flight was delayed so I got there in the AM. I was picked up at the airport by April, Aaron and Brian and taken back to our hotel room (Stratosphere). We hung out in the room for a while before going out. It was then tha we broke out the Pravda and cranberry juice...I hadn't eaten all day which, by the end of the night, proved to be a big mistake ;P

It was getting late and although we had no desire to go to a big club or anything we still wanted to do something. That something ended up being the Crazy Armadillo. Six of us (Aaron, Andy, Brian, Maria, April and me) went down to do some drinking (not me) and dancing (yes me). Maria (birthday girl) got a free birthdary drink from a bar girl (she was a sweetie). You will not believe how difficult it was to pick out internet-safe photos.

I was thoroughly nauseated by the end of the night and spent a little time slumped over a toilet (I was, however, lucid enough to put a toilet seat cover down) and all I wanted to do was lie down (which I did on the floor just outside the bathroom). I didn't throw up until we got back to the hotel room, though. You know what the worst part is? I remember just about everything relatively well, which means that I wasn't all that drunk. I was just sick. Terrible terrible.

Oh, and if you're wondering who those random guys are, they insisted that I take their picture. And now it's on the internet. I hope they're happy.

Day TWO Saturday, December 17

Needless to say, I woke up hungover and still nauseated. It turns out that both Aaron and Andy were also vomity the previous night but for some reason they seemed fine ;P And so did everyone else.

What I really wanted was some PHO. My lovely, lovely friends indulged my craving and we went to go look for some after dragging Aaron and Andy away from the hold'em tables.

Afterward we split up for a little Vegas sightseeing and Steph pick-upping. We (Maria, April, Aaron, Brian) went to the Wynn and walked around while waiting for the other group to get back with their precious cargo (Steph). After they came we walked around a bit more and then split up again...Maria and I went to go see Wynn's private art collection and the others went elsewhere.

Maria and I met up with Steph, April and Aaron after finishing up at the gallery and we headed back to our room to start getting ready to go out that night. Unfortunately Steph's luggage was still in the other car so she had to wait until they got back before she could start getting washed up and dressed. Anyway, they got back eventually and we headed out to dinner at Roy's after getting dressed.

Now what sucks is that this is right about when my camera battery died. #$!4. Well, we went to Roy's and then to Tangerine at Treasure Island (for cheap thanks to Aaron :D) where Maria had a slightly humiliating (amusing for the rest of us) involving TI's squeaky clean bathroom and a hotel wheelchair =X We got back at around 3 and I went straight to bed and barely slept since I had to be up at 6 to catch my flight. I was in horrible condition the next morning but it was well worth it :)

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 11:47 AM

"By the way, I had a dream about you last night where you and I were running around some deserted school and you had the ability to change into a cougar girl hybrid thingy and I was teaching you how to get your claws to pop out one at a time so as to frighten small children."

HA too awesome! I wish I had had that dream.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 1:52 PM

once buy buy buy buy!!

it's a bit cheaper there than amazon...even after shipping.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 12:35 PM

BevMo!. I finally decided to go a couple of days ago to see what's up...and WOW. Excellent selection. They even had Le Reve (Domaine Carneros), that hard-to-find bubbly we tasted in Napa. They also had the blanc de blanc, but if you want to get that, go to Trader Joe's. TJ's regular price is lower than BevMo's sale price by about $2 or $3.

While we're on the subject, I bought a bottle of Limoncello some weeks ago. What can I do with it?

The bf got the little purple box I ordered for him. I sent him the combo with Red Fire in it.

Happy girls day :)

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 10:39 AM

newww layooouuutt!

Okay so it's not great. WHATEVER. It's been about a year since I'd last changed the layout, so yeah, change is good. Yes, the edges of my graphics are choppy. Yes, the variety of pictures is a bit wanting. Yes the other links don't work. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes I KNOW ALL OF THIS ALREADY. Bahh.

I'm tired and cranky.

I'll be adding more stuff later on for sure.

Well, only if "for sure" means "maybe".

blah. blah. blah. I'm going to bed now.

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 10:40 PM

am craving craving CRAVING instant noodles right now. that wonton instant noodle stuff with the thin noodles and the greens would be ideal (i don't even know where to get it since i've never bought it for myself :( ) but even chicken-flavored cup-o-noodles would satisfy at this point. but NO. they are bad for me and have tons of fat, tons of empty calories.


if i were as economical with money as my body is with calories i'd be filthy rich :(

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 8:22 PM

okay now that my brain is awake....

YAY aaron who got into usc!

Yay brian who got lots of $$ from NYU and LOTS of $$$ from usc.

godiva is not as good as vosges :( thanks to the coworker i am now a truffle snob :(

clarus: moof! [moof is a tiny .au file :)]

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 4:22 PM

6:40 == too freakin early. time to go.

sidenote: i haven't been able to access gmail since tues...sorry if you've sent me email i haven't responded to ;P

(link) Midori | 0 comments | 6:44 AM

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